Linen skirt

Hey guys, long time no post.

I’ve been joining in with me-made-may on instagram and took a few extra pictures so I could finally share some of my recent projects on the blog. First off, here is a recap of my first few MMMay garments


Day 1: Linen skirt


Day 2: Peach cami and orange skirt. I don’t wear the cami that often as the fabric is a bit funny and without the correct undergarment the facing looks bad. I really like the concept of it though so if I find a similar coloured fabric I may recreate it.


Day 3: Linen dress. I also don’t wear this very much as the waist is a little snug. I can do it up but it feels uncomfortable in a sitting position. Bearable, but not something I really want to be dealing with often.


Day 4: Flannel shirt

I will go in detail on the orange skirt and flannel top soon – Today it is all about the linen skirt.


Which doesn’t really have hanger appeal!


So this project was inspired by pinterest (of course) and constructed over a year ago! The pattern is actually a dress pattern (the popular Mc’calls 6696) which I used the skirt pieces from. I was pregnant at the time though so didn’t attached the front placket for fear that I’d make it too tight. It sat in my WIP pile giving me the evil eye.

A few months post-baby I dug it out and attached the placket and buttons. I did try it on at the time but somehow it turned out too loose. Cue a little more languishing in the WIP pile before I unpicked the placket top and waistband and fixed it. All that unpicking meant that it’s not the tidiest sewing you’ll see, however I much prefer something imperfect that fits!


I really like the finished garment but it definitely has it’s faults and I’ve learnt a few things to take into future projects.  I really should have constructed it with the waistband continuing across the placket. It’s just not strong enough as it is and pulls horribly. The linen also contributes to this, you can see how it retains the ‘wonky’ shape – the shirtdress above does similar.


It’s a shame I didn’t have enough leftover to make another waistband as I’m not sure it will last well. I try not to wear it too frequently or for ‘active’ events where it may get distorted further. sigh. Despite this I really love the fabric and wooden buttons and think they work together perfectly.

OK I think that’s it, I’ll be back soon with some more MMMay updates and new garments.