Lazy summer weekends



While everyone else has been sewing the gorgeous indie dungaree patterns that have hit the market recently, I have been hanging out in this alleyway in my slightly-less-chic Kwik Sew pair. Honestly, I’m not sure why I bought this pattern but I will admit to having been swayed by Spotlight’s 3 for $15 sales in the past and throwing a wild card or two into the mix. The cover art is certainly compelling! The fabric is some good but reasonably priced sturdy stuff from way back.

I started these a long time ago, almost two years I think, and essentially finished them minus the buckles and buttons. Dungarees are a popular option during breastfeeding but these were too tight while I was, so I didn’t finish them properly until recently. When I went hunting for the buckles I couldn’t find any wide enough for the straps so I bought the largest available and squished the straps through. I thought it would look bad but I don’t even pay attention to it really.




I haven’t hemmed the shorts yet, I usually just turn/roll them as I like the length as they are. I may do, but then again I really just wear these around the house or casually at the weekend so… maybe not. After I took these photos I unpicked the inner thigh seam and took a smaller seam allowance. Recently I have been altering trouser patterns for a full, low bum and larger thighs which has greatly improved my range of movement.

I also made the T-shirt, it’s the Hey June Union St Tee and I used a lovely lightweight cotton knit from Drapers. I feel like it looks awful in these photos, it definitely sits better when not bunched under dungarees! I used the scoop neck, which I then scooped further but I couldn’t get the neckband to sit quite at flat as I like – the fabric doesn’t have any added stretch and I sometimes find neckbands just go a bit floppy in that instance. I considered unpicking (and may have even redone it once – this is also a few months old) but it looked as though any more man-handling would stretch it out of shape, so it is what it is. The pattern has been recently been updated with a lower scoop so I will try that next time and see if it makes a difference.

I was on a mad hunt for the perfect T-shirt (possibly after viewing a lot of capsule wardrobe images on pinterest!), but I’ve realised that I’m actually not that into T-shirts. Maybe it’s just been too hot for sleeves?

My verdict on shorty dungarees is that despite being a just a tiny bit annoying for bathroom visits they are quite fun to wear. They bring a definite weekend casual vibe and feel a bit playful too.



8 thoughts on “Lazy summer weekends

  1. Ooh I love these! It’s the perfect summery casual outfit. I like the t-shirt, I too am looking for the perfect one. I just bought the Equinox tee by Pattern Fantastique, but I was eyeing off the Union Tee, too.

    • I found I was very picky when T-shirt pattern shopping. It’s so easy to just rub off a rtw one that I wanted the pattern to be perfect otherwise it didn’t feel worth it!

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