Gatherer bags

After making the Noodlehead Tote I was keen to experiment a bit more with bags. Luckily, the designer recently shared a free bag pattern as a collaboration celebrating the release of a new line of fabric. The great thing about this pattern is that it’s a small bag that sews up relatively quickly and can make the most of those scraps of precious fabrics that you can’t bear to part with. The size is perfect for nipping out to the shops or carrying around at an event.

With bags, I don’t think that using a pattern is always necessary as the pieces themselves are simple shapes, however it’s nice to be walked through the construction. I’ll probably just do my own thing from now on though. I made a few changes to the Gatherer – mainly widening the flap and changing the button stud closure to a magnetic clasp.

Noodlehead Gatherer Festival 4

I really struggled getting the magnets to line up properly though, on both these bags they are about a cm off so the flap doesn’t sit as nicely as it should when secured. No one else I showed it to thought this was a big deal but I was like “argggh, such a bummer, it’s totally crap.. etc, etc.” It’s hard not to be picky about our own work!

Here is the first iteration, a ‘festival’ bag for my cousin.

Noodlehead Gatherer Festival2

I tried to get the ikat to sit perfectly horizontal, but it just wasn’t woven that way. It’s really bugging me in that photo but didn’t so much in real life.

Noodlehead Gatherer Festival 5

Noodlehead Gatherer Festival 3

I really struggled with the decision-making on this. I wanted it to be quirky and bright, but kept thinking “Is this too quirky and bright? Is it juvenile? Is it just plain hideous?”. I had it almost completely finished with a smaller flap in different (brighter) fabric and yellow piping when I decided that I didn’t like it and the unpicker came out. I actually presented it to my cousin with the original flap inside and the offer to reattach it if she preferred… that’s how indecisive I was! I’m still not 100% sold that it’s fulfilling my ‘vision’ but whatever… let it go Naomi.

Noodlehead Gatherer Festival1

I had a fun time making the pom poms, tassels and little leather bit. I am pretty sure my cousin liked it and she’s planning to use it at a festival this weekend.

When I showed it to my mum she said “I want one”, which confused me a bit as its not really her style. She requested one in black or mauve velvet. [sidenote: I’m pretty sure my mum is the only person I’ve heard say the word ‘mauve’… has it gone out of fashion?] She also seemed excited about tassels but I only gave her one pretty lame one in the end, I just ran out of time.

Noodlehead Gatherer Velvet_2

It’s probably obvious but the photos of it are overexposed because it was impossible to see the details otherwise. The exposure makes the fabric looks a bit crap and linty though – promise it’s nicer in real life. I found it hard to track down the perfect velvet and I regret my choice a little bit it, a longer pile would have been a bit more luxurious and to my mum’s taste. The lining fabric is really beautiful though.

Noodlehead Gatherer Velvet_ 5

This pattern uses a thin iron-on wadding type of interfacing/structure, which is fun. I also used it in the flap of the black version for the quilting. The piping is self made from the velvet and the places where it met with the body of the bag and straps meant the thickness was problematic, but I think I did the best I could. I really loved my walking foot for the quilting and all the multi-layered seams btw – what a gem!

Noodlehead Gatherer Velvet_3

Finally, this bag is not technically finished as I need to suss out a strap but I may as well include a picture. The beads are just there for fun at the moment but I kind of like their vibe.


It’s made from the leftover velvet and some fabric a friend bought me back from India (or Thailand… I cant remember!). It’s a bit patchy but I think it has character. I attempted a zip top and omitted the flap on this one and it doesn’t quite look right – it’s the positioning of the handle carriers(?). They’d look better attached at the top. Maybe I’ll unpick and alter… most likely not!

I like the idea of a zip top bag, so now that I have the hang of construction order I might come up with my own dimensions and try something different.

I wanted to say Thank You to Naomi from Spare Room Style too for nominating me for a Liebster award as well. It’s always so nice to know that people read this. I actually did one a couple of years ago which I was going to link to, but it kind of pains me to read things I’ve written about myself in the past, (like when you hear a recording of your voice  and it just sounds strange,) so I’ve summarized. Apparently my favorite movie genre was ‘hugh grant’ and I wanted to make jeans (still planning to!). One of my random facts was that I taught llama care at summer camp USA, but really didn’t like the llamas. Not much about sewing in there but I guess you guys know I love it 🙂


4 thoughts on “Gatherer bags

  1. I always associate the word “mauve” with my grandmother, so I think both the word (ick) and colour (also ick) are definitely out of vogue. Although, actually, I have several skeins of yarn in my stash that could definitely be considered mauve in my stash (from sock clubs, not something I would buy, but I don’t really hate the idea of mauve socks) so maybe it’s just the word that’s out.

      • Some sock designers run these… You pay a subscription fee, and every two months (or whatever interval) you get a pattern and enough sock yarn to knit it. My favourite is Cookie A: each package has two patterns and two cookie recipes, and yarn from a different indie dyer each time. It’s not cheap, though, I don’t think I can afford to join her club this year until I get a job (fortunately she’s on “sabbatical” so she’s starting later in the year and I have time to get my shit together! )

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