Floral shorts and peach cami

I picked up some peach fabric awhile ago to make a summer top. It seems to be some sort of poly-crepe, so nothing special, but I really like the colour (which isn’t showing up well in these photos) and wanted to use it for just the right project. I eventually settled on a ruffled cami from The Great British Sewing Bee book, which is fairly basic,  but I like the fact it’s not cut on the bias like the other cami patterns I own – they flare out too much for my taste. Once I’d attached the ruffle I thought it was a bit long so I trimmed a few cm. Then I hemmed it.


Hmmm, this fabric has quite a lot of body. The ruffle was sticking out at a strange angle and the ruffle is not really full  enough in my opinion. I decided to unpick it and go for a plain look.

peach cami floral shorts_0002_Layer 2

Its a bit tight in the bust, but should be better when I’m no longer breastfeeding. I like it and thinks it looks good with the shorts, however in real life it takes a bit of rearranging before it sits well tucked in, due to the fabric’s body.

peach cami floral shorts_0000_Layer 4 peach cami floral shorts_0001_Layer 3

I made the shorts too. They’re Simplicity which I’ve made three times before, here, here and here. They are the best fitting shorts I’ve made but the high waistband can be a little uncomfortable in some positions, or if I’ve eaten too much!

peach cami floral shorts_0003_Layer 7

I really love this fabric, and I’m not alone. I’ve seen at least three other pics of it on instagram – used for both skirts and culottes. It’s Ottoman suiting from Spotlight which is a funny fabric to work with. It’s a bit slippery during cutting and can fray easily, but also ‘grips’ nicely when sewing due to the texture. I hand stitched a few places but the stitches don’t seem to hold that well – it feels like they slip right out despite being tied securely!

(The top pictured is a different one in these indoor photos btw).

peach cami floral shorts_0004_Layer 6

I had barely enough to make the shorts and my stitching on the waistband was right up against the edge of the fabric.


Sometimes a lack of fabric can lead to fun combinations though..





10 thoughts on “Floral shorts and peach cami

    • Thanks! It’s a blackboard wall that we painted when we moved in. I love having it but we hardly ever update the things written on it – like “Happy 2014” was up there for the whole year!

    • Thanks Jay. The print is so pretty but the more I wear the shorts it’s being apparent that the fabric itself is a bit delicate (and crinkly!) for my level of day-to-day activity. One of those things that is hard to foresee 🙂

  1. Thanks for sharing about the fabric:) I also bought Ottoman Suiting fabric few weeks ago from Spotlight but haven’t figured out what to make with this fabric since I have never handled before 🙂

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