Dress up clothes/scrapbusting

I feel bad when I post too many kids clothes in a row because: boring! But this is the last bunch of kids stuff I have to show from 2015 and so far, I’m being a much more selfish sewer this year!

These projects are the result of my wanting to use up some of the scraps I have amassed, and a looming Halloween party. We don’t really celebrate Halloween in New Zealand although there are usually a couple of trick or treaters that pop round (very cheeky ones in my street that return several times in different masks!). Harry’s daycare was throwing kids and parents party and when I had a look at the shops for costumes the only options I found were somewhat pricey licensed movie characters made of shiny flimsy polyester.

I have a decent pile of scrap fabrics and old garments with stains etc, that I feel like I should use rather than send to landfill so I decided to see what I could come up with from that. Some of that fabrics aren’t very nice so it made sense to use them for costumes rather than try to force myself to make regular clothes with them.

Obviously I only needed one outfit for halloween, but I made others for the dress-up box.

First up the beloved buzzy bee.

fancy dress_0005

I used a romper pattern for this and attached strips of black scraps onto the yellow (a previous attempt at a skirt). I bought wings and antennae to go with it and Harry loves it.

fancy dress_0007

He’s worn it to daycare on regular days. I’m now thinking I should have done a stinger!

fancy dress_0002

The nurse apron and hat is really cute, but tiny! I chose the apron style as it could be adjusted to fit for a number of years, but I needed to go a bit bigger. Oh well!

fancy dress_0006

Nina was rocking it. I thinking she was 3 months old here.

Next, a very easy super hero cape.

fancy dress_0000

fancy dress_0001

I wanted to add a bit of weight to the thin blue cotton so lined it with one of Kelvin’s old tops. I made a belt and wristbands too but this mainly gets worn alone. A mask could be a cool addition.

fancy dress_0004

fancy dress_0003

This dress here was a lifesaver really. I mean, how else was I going to use the baby blue lace that had been sitting in my stash for years… certainly not for real clothing! I combined it with some silver and broderie anglaise scraps as well as some blue binding I randomly happened to have. I made the back lace-up so it can fit for a bit longer. It needs a crown or something to finish it off.

Finally, my little chef.

fancy dress_0008

I initially thought of this because Harry is always pinching the oven gloves and running around with them – “I know, I’ll make him some miniature ones to play with”. He just ignores the little ones and keeps stealing mine though…
Coincidentally, the one issue of Ottobre Kids I have features a chefs hat on the cover! You really don’t need a pattern for this – it’s an oversized circle gathered into a head-circumference sized strip. Harry is not really into it (maybe an older kid would be)… but that’s the beauty of using scrap fabric… if he’s a fussy little so-and-so it’s only my time that’s been wasted, rather than money (…yeah still pretty annoying to waste time!).

I wasn’t messy with the construction but wasn’t precious about it either as I’m not really fussed about having perfect dress up clothes. Despite that, they look so much better quality than the shop polyester ones. I was really happy with how these turned out – it was a win-win for using up clutter and stocking the dress-up box. I have an elf and another tutu in the works (may have to buy some tulle for that if the curtain netting looks bad) plus a list of ideas including a pirate, police and maybe even the elephant head from the great british sewing bee book.


8 thoughts on “Dress up clothes/scrapbusting

  1. Those are amazing! Also my mum made an apron for Tommy so at some point you should use the apron for real and we can get them together to bake cookies!

    • Thanks! Yeah the bumble bee is awesome – glad my son enjoys it now because it won’t be long until he’s too cool and just wants to wear spiderman (etc) costumes.

  2. That’s a fun idea, and a great way to use up scraps! I would be interested to see what other dress up costumes you come up with later, since a dress up box is something I may have to consider starting in a few years.

    • Oh glad you enjoyed the post. Yip I’ll definitely post future costumes … when I get around to them. You know how it is… something more exciting always comes along and disrupts that to-do list.

    • Thanks Katherine, I’ll check out your blog too. Reading about sewing is the next best thing to actually sewing! It’s always a bit scary thinking about some of the garments in the archives… in hindsight, not always as good as they seemed at the time 😉

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