More sewing for little girls

Here are a few of the pieces I made last year but haven’t shared on this blog yet.


A shirtdress made from fabric my cousin bought me from India. I have a wee bit of this fabric left but am not sure what to do with it. It’s cool, but not a colour I usually wear.


A dress made from cotton sateen, modeled by my son! The sleeves are pretty huge and the length is a bit shorter than intended as my kids seem to be on the skinnier end of the spectrum.






I used a light cotton to line it, the same fabric I used for Nina’s bonnet:


I probably could have done with a stiffer interfacing for the peak, but it’s OK.

Next up is a little romper made from an ikat (?) type of fabric. I was trying to go for that minimalist ‘ace & jig’ hipster type of thing but I don’t really know if it works on an infant! I think that cute fabrics are probably better suited.



The biggest bummer is that blemish on the fabric right on the center front.


There are snaps at the crotch. I just used some tape but it’s made of polyester and I’d rather use cotton if I can find it next time. The snaps were annoyingly spaced so that they didn’t fit the space as well as I’d like.


The leg holes were absolutely huge so I removed the bands, cut off about an inch then reattached.

I’m not going to lie, it’s a pretty weird garment – like kind of cute but I probably wouldn’t make one as a gift incase the recipient thought ‘wtf?’. It looks nicer (well, less revealing) over a top, but it’s been hot here and its quite good as a cool option on it’s own.




I also thinking I’d attach the straps wider apart at the back next time – to make more of a cross.

Lastly, with scraps I made Nina a headband – mainly just for fun.


I used the headband pattern that was included with the romper. I didn’t really need to and actually made the main fabric piece about 1/4 of the width specified (personal preference) but sometimes it’s nice to have instructions to follow when you’ve not done something before.


Yes, those are big eyes!

My aim for this year is to refine my skills and take on some more complicated projects. I would love some suggestions if there is anything you’ve made that was particularly challenging.


6 thoughts on “More sewing for little girls

  1. I love dressing my boys in drag! If you ever want either royal blue or lime green cotton (twill? herringbone?) tape, I’ve got heaps. HEAPS. You can get the white kind at Spotlight, I think.

    • Sorry, just realised this comment was here. I have nooooo social life at the moment except for kiddie play-dates.. thus the productivity!

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