Swan top

We have visitors from Paris this week, so of course the weather is behaving terribly. It’s rainy and muggy, and we’re running out of ideas of things to do. Hopefully the next couple of days improve at least a little, so we can show off some of the beautiful New Zealand scenery.

Prior to the rain I got a few pics of my new summer top:


It started with a swan print rayon from ‘the shop in Otara that’s not Nick’s Fabrics’. Aucklanders will know what I mean. I have no idea what it’s called.


Pretty cute I think. I also thought this pattern from Burdastyle had a sweet vibe, so caved in and bought the issue.


It was really easy to make. This is my second version and I made it a bit bigger that my first – I didn’t want to trace out the next size up so just added some width at the sides. I don’t think it mattered much because the pieces are very simple shapes.



I ran out of fabric, but also wanted something different for the straps so used black textured cotton.


It’s probably obvious that the bust is a bit tight. There are definitely some bra issues as it doesn’t feel supportive enough without one, but needs something that won’t show and look tacky. I’m still feeding Nina so I expect that in a years time It might fit better in the bust.


I’m not really sure how to ‘style’ it yet, but am really happy with how it turned out. I think the fabric and pattern are a good match although the fabric crinkles pretty badly.

Short and sweet today – enjoy the weekend everyone!


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