ANOTHER simplicity 1366


This post is a few months old but I thought I would publish it anyway. Another version of the good old dart-less top from Simplicity/Cynthia Rowley 1366, this time made in a nice floaty fabric. Made before here and here. It was difficult to cut and sew as it’s shifty and frays easily, I did a terrible job hemming the sleeves but don’t want to cut them any shorter so have decided I’m cool with it.


I use my newly acquired rolled hem presser-foot – this was my first trial with it actually after some scrap fabric practicing. Id like to say I’ve gotten better with it, however it still gives me a bit of grief on floaty fabrics. You may be able to see below that the sleeve hem bells out a little!

orange-top-3 copy

It’s maybe a little short but will probably work if I get high waisted shorts (or abs!). I quite like it though and am a big fan of this orangey/coral colour right now. I could honestly just keep making versions of this pattern… so easy and so wearable.


This is a weird photo, buy hey.. here’s the back. And here’s a close up of the print/’my new baby’ photo.


..except Nina is not that new anymore and much bigger now!

I don’t think I’ll do a round-up post this year as I kept my sewing pretty basic in 2015 due to a fluctuating body shape. I am really keen to push myself this year with new techniques and perfecting those I know (like the rolled hem!). If anyone has suggestions of tricky projects I should try let me know. I’m thinking a winter coat might cover a few things at once like a bagged lining, welt pockets and some tailoring techniques.  Keen to practice, practice, practice though – I made about 8 rolls of bias tape yesterday so I could figure out the best way to do it. In the end, all three versions I tried had benefits.

Hope you’ve all had a nice start to the year so far 🙂


8 thoughts on “ANOTHER simplicity 1366

  1. Very pretty! I may go find that pattern. I’ve tried to make something like it by using the bodice from a dress, and leaving out the waist darts, but this looks better! I love a cropped top with a high waisted skirt. Well done. And congrats on the beautiful baby! What fun you’ll have with ruffles and lace!

    • Thanks laurajane. It’s feels like it should be easy to convert basic patterns but sometimes it’s just worth buying something fit for purpose! It’s been quite popular on blogs so you should find a bit of inspiration if you google it 🙂

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