Fifi Pjs


It feels kind of strange posting this, but here I am in my PJs.


They are made from Tilly and the Buttons’ Fifi pattern. The fabric was from an unmarked bolt on the clearance table at Spotlight. Some kind of shiny poly-cotton I suspect. I really like it though, it was very easy to work with and I quite like the ‘is it floral? is it leopard print?’ vibe.

This was my first Tilly and the Buttons pattern and it was a pleasure to use. I don’t think I got the size quite right but I’m still changing shape post-pregnancy so am not really trying too hard to get that perfect. Besides, it’s pyjamas! I will go down a size in the top next time, there is a bit of excess in the back – the shaping of the pattern means it’s not sack-like but it is quite fluted.

PJ-back  PJ-side

I really like to have a tight fitting top on in bed otherwise it gets all twisted up so even though it looks OK it could do with being a bit more supportive. Something about the shorts doesn’t feel 100% comfy but I often have problems with fitting shorts so I probably need to do some work on the crotch curve or full-butt adjustment. I am doing a drafting course next year so will hopefully suss that out.

The shorts are pretty damn skimpy though.. I usually walk to the mailbox in my PJs, but not these ones (yet here they are on the internet! Hopefully only sewing peeps reading this).

Anyway… I think this is a really cute pattern and I can see myself it again for myself, plus as a gift for girlfriends. And maybe the top could be made up as a top? What do you think, is it obviously a sleepwear shape?


2 thoughts on “Fifi Pjs

  1. The top would also be great as a breastfeeding cami if you could bring yourself to make it using a cotton knit! I wear Jockey reversible camis with the v-neck side in front whenever I have a clean one these days, this top looks like it would be even better for hauling a boob over the top.

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