Purple Burda 7052 sleeveless shirt

Hey guys, well it has been ages since I posted here! I’ve actually had about six posts sitting in my drafts for months but haven’t feel inclined to publish them. I get the feeling that a lot of sewing bloggers are questioning blogging lately, as my Bloglovin feed seems to have decreased. For me there are lots of considerations involved – the lack of interaction on blogs compared to instagram, privacy concerns in this crazy world we are now living in, the actual effort it takes to compile a post, a fear of being judged negatively by readers who don’t know me personally – and it may sound vain, but unsatisfaction with my photos is a big one! I don’t get much time to take them and when I download them onto my computer there is always something off with the garment (or me!), like a turned up hem, which is frustrating because I feel like it makes the whole garment look crap.

Anyway… I do really, really enjoy all the blogs I read – most of them sewing related.  Sitting in bed each morning  scrolling through my feed (with coffee!), eases me into the day. If all those smaller blogs just stopped I would be gutted. So with those thoughts in mind I got the urge to publish one of those dormant posts today. Definitely not perfect pictures, but hopefully a minute or two of interest for you.

So, last year I made this top:


…but wasn’t really happy with the fabric/pattern combo (too sheer) so haven’t worn it much. Actually there were a few things I didn’t like, for instance it is a bit short and I would prefer the armholes were a bit wider on the shoulder. I planned to make it again with a few modifications and bought this fabric, which I LOVE. I can’t say why really… it’s a light cotton that feels lovely.


While I was pregnant I became desperate to sew non-maternity clothes and decided that a shirt would be useful post-pregnancy. I was so impatient that I decided to forgo the alterations and just cut into the fabric. I kind-of regretted that later, but you shouldn’t be mean to a pregnant women so I wont criticise past-Naomi’s decision!

Anyway, here is the finished top.


It was easy to make but I did one stupid thing, which was to cut the back piece as two rather than on the fold, so it is a tiny bit narrower than it should be… oops. Here’s what it looks like on.


A) Unfortunately my hair is covering all the collar detail, hopefully you get the gist from the hanger photo.

B) Duhhhhh, I forgot to do up a button! As a result there is a lovely big excess-fabric cross (possibly also caused by being tucked in). Honestly it is a big effort to brush my hair and take photos so I couldn’t be bothered taking more by the time I found out. I realise that makes me sound like a crap blogger – sorry I will do better next time!



I also made the skirt and felt like it had turned out quite nice, but these photos indicate a few fit issues so I will have to see if there’s anything I can do to improve it. I guess those pull lines indicate a too big booty and the darts on the front are a bit puffy. Actually I think the shirt doesn’t look that fab in these photos but it looks pretty good in real life so maybe you can all just come round for a barbeque (with sewing) sometime and check it out properly?


12 thoughts on “Purple Burda 7052 sleeveless shirt

  1. Cute tops! Perfect for summer. I love reading blogs too, so I hope you keep it going! I’d actually rather look at imperfect (aka realistic) photos than have no post to read at all. There’s something real and honest about those photos that we can just smile about and know you’re just as human as the rest of us. I love it xoxo

    • Thanks 🙂 I also prefer seeing other people wearing their garments (imperfections and all), rather than hanger photos, so I try to do the same although ‘posing is awful!

      • Yes! I hate the posing too!! So often my face is angry/scary/weird/creepy and I can’t use the photo. Really wish I was more photogenic, it would save hours of posing!

  2. I love the fabrics you chose for this top and skirt. They look pretty fine to me. I always judge my own sewing this way – is it better than the crap I can buy at the store – yes! Your photos are fine. I had my cat photo bomb the last blog post I did – who cares! I sew well, I don’t take photos or write…

    • Cat photo bombs are awesome though! I took some garment photos of homemade tops with rtw jeans the other day and the jeans look so bad from the back (something you don’t realise until you photograph it). I’m not really keen to sew my own but like you say, they’d probably fit better than crap from the store!

  3. It’s so frustrating when your images just don’t turn out right isn’t it? I do think you’re being too hard on yourself with these particular images though, the shirt looks really good 🙂 I’ve been struggling with new format of WordPress and it has put me off blogging a few times recently. I guess December is just a busy time of year too, hence fewer posts from everyone…

  4. The photos look pretty good to me! And I admire your gutsyness in going for this project while pregnant– I also got tired of making maternity things and wanted to move on, but with no idea how my sizing was going to end up, I didn’t want to risk the result not fitting!

    • Thanks Becky – sorry about the delayed response! Yeah my figure has fluctuated so much over the last few years so I definitely have a cupboard full of too-small and too-big things that this could have joined 🙂 Lots of my projects this year have just been about getting the practice in and learning new skills and not worrying too much if I mess it up.

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