Time for another kid-sewing round up

Here’s a few of the small-people projects I’ve finished but not blogged.

#1. A very tiny shirt for a friend’s new baby. I was really happy with how it turned out. It’s nice to have discovered a go-to baby boy present, as it can often be much harder to find cool boys things.


#2. The most ridiculous summer romper for my daughter. Who knows if it will be practical at all 🙂




It was a quick sew from scrap fabric. Next time (if there is one) I will probably interface or add an extra layer of fabric to the straps as they’re a bit floppy.  It’s hard to make things with elasticated leg or waist bands for gifts as babies can vary so much in  size – not weight so much, but the chubbiness of their thighs or tummy. I’m never sure how long to make the elastic. Some leggings I made my nephew were much too tight when he was newborn, but still fit my skinny-legged son at a year old!

#3. A basic top from the cutest fabric.



I actually made two of these to try different techniques for the neck and arm hole finishings These sleeves are just turned and sewn with a twin needle, but look really clean. Below you can see my attempt with ribbing which looks a bit more home-made.

These were in my WIP pile for ages and unfortunately, by the time I finished them, were a bit small for Harry. I think they work for boys and girls though so I may use the best one as a gift and keep the other for Nina. I really like this top and my only gripe is that the neckline may be a smidge too wide.

For some reason I jut assumed that this 100% cotton knit would be stretchy, I don’t know why. I realised that I’ve been guilty of making this assumption a fair few times and a number of the stretch fabrics in my stash aren’t really suitable for the leggings/t-shirts etc, that I bought them for. oops.

#4. Dungarees/overalls. I made these to go with the blue shirt but decided not give them as I thought they looked a bit strange. I’m probably being silly but they just look long in the crotch to me! They won’t really do for Nina so I’m probably going to have to give them away at some point. They’re a lovely fine corduroy and the bib is lined with the same blue fox fabric above. I haven’t hemmed the legs or put the buttons on the straps yet because I thought this might be dependent on the height of the child wearing them.


That’s it for now although I do have some more children’s clothing in my WIP pile with just buttons or a hem to go so I really need to get on to that. It’s so hard to finish old projects!!


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