Some more bits and pieces

My mum was visiting this weekend and while she was playing with the kids we seized a couple of minutes to take some photos of some recent finished garments. When I downloaded the pictures later on I found that most of them looked like this though…


Woops. I need to give Kelvin a lesson on how to wrangle the auto-focus into submission.

So these aren’t the greatest pics, but anyway – a few months ago I showed you a top I’d made (this post) and I thought I would finally get a shot of me wearing it.


The bodice is from a pattern but I added gathering to the torso to make it maternity friendly. I think it still works post bump.


I didn’t realize at the time that the singlet I’m wearing underneath peeks out the back, which doesn’t look the best. Also, my bum looks pretty bad in these jeans so it’s been cropped out! It would look better if the zip went all the way down but can’t really be bothered re-doing it.

Moving right along…

I’ve had a half finished post sitting in wordpress for ages that’s been bugging me. Essentially, I made this top when I was pregnant (for after pregnancy) and when I realized it fit I was so excited that I immediately took photos.


It looked a bit lopsided in the pictures but I thought it was just sitting funny. When I hung it on the wall to take some close-ups It began apparent that the hem was actually crazy.


Honestly I don’t know what’s going on with it, I followed the print when cutting to try and ensure everything was straight. I was going to fix it and take more photos and blog it – but you know what, I don’t even like this top so it’s not worth the time or effort.

a) It has my favourite broad back issues which means it’s very tight when I reach forward.

b) The main fabric is an imitation silk poly which I’m not sure WHY I bought.

c) The back neckline sits a bit wide and low for my liking

Anyway, here is one photo of me in it so I can call it a day and move on!


Urggh stupid top.

One last item on the agenda –


If you’re on instagram, find me! boncourageblog. I have just started a new account to get sewcial after getting a few dodgy-seeming followers on my private account. I also always felt a bit strange posting sewing stuff to my real-life friends who don’t really want to see buttonhole close-ups etc. Now I can post and beg for help as much as I please! Lots of the stuff I make does not get onto the blog (kids stuff that I think might be boring, stuff I can’t be bothered ‘modeling’, etc). Though hopefully I will get a chance to re-take those blurry photos and get a few more posts up soon.



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