A mish-mash

Hey guys! This is a bit of a miss-match of a post but bear with me.

I am doing OK! I am really only just coming out of my pneumonia recovery now, I had at least two weeks of frustrating back pain and have also had conjunctivitis (gahh… kids) and gastro problems. Usually I am really healthy so it has been kind of a shock to not feel in control of my body and have to take things slowly. Mainly it was just scary realising that I’m not invincible! I felt like a very old person for awhile there grunting every time I change position while sleeping and loosing my breath after a particularly long or energetic sentence. Anyway I don’t mean to complain too much, but it is sometimes good to share a little more about what other things are going on in our lives 🙂

It’s now week 39 of pregnancy, so I’m hoping that baby arrives in the next few days rather than going 10 days over like Harry did. I haven’t posted a photo for ages, so here is a bad mirror selfie taken about two weeks ago. You totally can’t see it… but I did make the ponte pencil skirt.


Despite a slower life-pace I have still managed to do some sewing – of course! Last week I started making a few things for when I’m (hopefully) back to normal size. I’ve finished some of them and left others to finish once I can do waistband fittings etc. I totally can’t fit anything right now except pj’s, so today’s pics are of Kelvin modeling his new T-shirt.


For my birthday I got the latest Great British Sewing Bee book. You’ve probably seen it reviewed on the blog tour so I won’t go into that, but I quite like it. It has a few projects that I think I’ll make and it’s nicely laid out. I have already started the jumpsuit. One of the projects is a mens T.


I’m not 100% loving the picture in the book (It looks a bit shapeless around the chest) but thought it would be easy enough to make slight alterations to. In the end all I did was add some shaping around the waist, so I dub it a success!


Kind of needs an iron… but I don’t iron T shirts sorry!


I used a pretty cheap fabric that I bought online from Levana textiles, a NZ company. I really don’t like buying fabric ‘blind’..  obviously i can see it, but I really want to touch it and get a sense of print-scale and weight before I buy. Anyway, I took the plunge during a sale and bought three different fabrics from them. None of them were really what I was expecting, but then again perhaps my expectations were a bit high for the prices offered. They were all fine though and good for the first run-through of a project.

This one is just a bit thinner and drapier than I wanted and it feels like it will wear out fast. Kelvin actually wears this top every weekend though and it’s still looking fine so perhaps I am judging too harshly.



Anyway.. what more can I say.. it was easy-peasy to make and the size medium fits great with a bit of waist shaping. The cuffs are a little droopy but I think that’s the nature of the fabric.

While I’m posting T-shirts I thought I may as well include the three kiddie-T’s I’ve made from scrap fabric lately. Thay have been a good opportunity for me to practice with knits and figure out what works and what doesn’t. To be honest I much prefer sewing wovens!


The second one is made from my failed attempt to ombre dye and a little pocket of denim. I really like it for some reason.

ombre stripe

Finally… since I’ve been talking about books I thought I would show off my latest acquisition – Famous Frocks – purchased for $1 from the Whitcoulls clearance table. $1!


It has 10 patterns inside with variations to make 20 dresses, all of which are based on famous people such as Farrah Fawcett, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn (woops- seems I missed a few photos). There are some quite pretty dresses inside.. I just need to make more of an effort to wear them.


I think these are my top picks – the zip front (left) and wrap (right) would be good for breastfeeding so perhaps I will try them soon.


Anyway.. sorry about the randomness of the post! I am trying to keep my toe dipped in blog land while not really having any garments of my own to show off! Hopefully I will be back soon, bump free. I finally finished uni by the way.. and got an A for my final project hurrah! Not quite ready to re-join the working world yet though!


8 thoughts on “A mish-mash

  1. So glad to hear you’re feeling better! That t-shirt looks ace. Luke just asked me the other day if I thought he could make a t-shirt, so maybe I’ll recommend this pattern to him! I too bought something from Levana online (via Trademe) recently, which is a bit thinner than expected. It will work for what I have planned though (long-sleeved top for me). Good luck with the birth of your baby soon! Hope it all goes smoothly 🙂

    • Thanks, I find it quite hard getting good knits in NZ and don’t really like ordering online. The Fabric Store is having a VIP sale this week though so will definitely go have a look (and probably buy lots of random no-project-planned fabrics!)

  2. Good to hear you’re feeling well (or at least better) again. I’m looking for a t-shirt pattern for the man too but he likes his neckband to sit quiet snug which sounds like easy alteration but it is not. I made one he couldn’t stuck his head through… Maybe I’ll try this one as I have an eye on the GBSB book for a while, so best excuse. 😉
    Good look for the next days!

    • Haha that sounds funny but I can totally understand how it would happen. I have been making a few kids T-shirts and getting the perfect amount of stretch on the neckband so that it sits flat it quite a science! I think the book has quite a bit of basic stuff like pencils skirts etc that I already have patterns for, but there is just something nice about having sewing books.

  3. Do you think there’s some kind of depressed immune system thing that happens in pregnancy? I had colds both pregnancies that were definitely the worst two colds of my life. Glad you’re feeling better, and congrats on the A! You should make plans for the weekend, I bet the baby will arrive instead.

    • Haha, you called it Jess! I didn’t really notice sickness last pregnancy but the doctors suggested that it contributed towards the pneumonia, especially as Kelvin or Harry didn’t even get the cold that started it all. The fact that I haven’t done exercise in months didn’t help either! Anyway I feel a million times better now – onwards and upwards!

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