A crazy week + a few little dresses

Well hello again 🙂  It has been a crazy last few days for me and I am writing this from hospital! I had cold symptoms/back pain/vomiting on Monday night so saw my GP monday morning. He was about to send me home then did a last minute blood pressure test, which was low, so I was sent to A+E for rehydration. Once I got there I had to do all kinds of blood tests/x-rays/nose swabs/baby heart rate monitoring and it was discovered that I had pneumonia. I think the fact that I’m pregnant made it all the more risky, as they were considering an emergency c-section under general anesthetic although thankfully that didn’t eventuate! I spent two days in the intensive care unit while they brought my heart rate/blood pressure/breathing back to acceptable levels. It was pretty full-on laying in the same place all that time with all sorts of needles and tubes stuck in me. Day-time TV sucks! I moved to the medical ward yesterday and will be here till Monday morning-ish when the doctors expect all my blood tests will be normal enough for me to go home. I really just thought it was a bad cold!

I’ve got to say that modern medicine is amazing. They basically take a sample of the bacteria (or whatever it is?), grow it in a lab and figure out which antibiotics fight it – all within a pretty short space of time. Which means that you don’t need to waste any time taking the wrong meds. Thank you doctors!

Anyway sorry for this huge introduction but I had to share what I have been up to. I have been trying to learn to knit a scarf while in here but so far have just done lots of alternating row of knit/pearl. I don’t even know if that has a name. I would love to put some special pattern or cable or something in but can’t find a tutorial that demonstrates it simply enough that I can understand. If you have any good beginners sources, let me know!


I took some sewing photos last week so thought I would do a wee post about them. I love seeing the beautiful floral full skirted dresses that others post on their blogs, but it’s not my style to wear them so I rarely make anything like that for myself. Now that I’m having a girl I get a whole extra aisle of fabrics to looks at!

Anyway here are a few of the little girls dresses I have made recently. Some of these were meant to be gifts but I often feel really nervous to give away the things I’ve made – is anyone else like that? I am really picky and worry that they won’t fit right or will fall apart after a few washes. I know from receiving home made gifts though that the quirks are usually embraced so I really shouldn’t be so harsh.

This one is my favorite although I wonder if it’s a bit plain? I initially had red piping around the waist but it was a bit too red.. what can I say – I’m picky!


I just love the airy white cotton (which was really cheap!) and the hand pleated trim that peeks out the bottom. It was so nice having my new machine to do this as I used the stitch-in-the-ditch foot as an edging foot which made that long row of stitching nice and straight. It has buttons down the back as well as ties.

This is my close second favorite!



You can see I am really letting my inner twee-girly-girl loose! I made up the collar and probably didn’t have the most orthodox technique for attaching it, but it looks clean and tidy inside so I guess it turned out all right in the end. It was really satisfying to use a scrap of linen for that bow!

This green dress is a wrap style that secures with snaps at the shoulders.



I have been thinking of getting some of the plastic snaps (KAM) but you need a special tool to affix them. Anyone use these? Worthwhile? To be honest I’m not sure how practical this would be to wear (it’s so wide!) but I liked the concept. I really love this fabric too although I’m not sure what exactly about it. I hardly ever buy quilting cotton but it seems OK for something like this.

The following floral dress was supposed to be a gift for a friend’s 3-year-old but I think it might have stretched out of shape a little bit. (That’s probably my sewing-gifter paranoia speaking).


The waist of the outer was much bigger than that of the lining! Sorry about the lack of detail in the photo. The waist is tied back with ties and the fabric is really light and airy. It’s actually only pinned at the back as I haven’t gotten around to attaching buttons yet – thus the puckering.

Finally I have this little blue dress, made from the trim fabric featured above.


I don’t love it – the fabric seems a bit ‘business shirt’ – but it’s a good starting point and might look cute with a cardigan. I think I needed to stabilise the fabric underneath the buttons as they’re pulling a bit.

Phew.. I feel I am just dumping a huge load of photos up here but I didn’t really want to do a post for each dress because it is not really meant to be a ‘mummy’ sewing blog. I still have a few little T-shirts to go though! Hopefully I will manage to make something full sized before posting them.

Ok – hope everyone out there is well. Have a good weekend! x


5 thoughts on “A crazy week + a few little dresses

  1. Omg, pneumonia! I hope you feel better soon. All of those dresses are so adorable! Did you use patterns for them? I have a friend who had a little girl late last year and I’d love to make her some pretty dresses. And there is a name for knitting and purling alternately – it’s called stockinette, and as you can see, it curls a lot! If you want to do a scarf in that stitch, it’s a good idea to do a garter stitch border, to stop it rolling inwards so much. I actually use the “for dummies” website to find out how to do a lot of knitting stitches, they have a lot of photos so I don’t get confused. Sometimes I watch videos, but I just google whatever I’m trying to do and go from there 🙂 Ravelry has heaps of good beginner patterns if you feel like a browse!

    • Thanks, lots of helpful advice! I think I will try to get a friend to demonstrate more of the technical knitting stuff to me one day or go to a class. Perhaps starting with bigger wool and needles is more satisfying as it would’t take as long!

      Some of those dresses are mish-mashes of patterns with “self drafted” elements – the sailor neck thing for instance. I can’t find the exact pattern online but I original used a simplicity toddlers pattern that had two quite basic bodices and then you can change or add sleeves or collars etc.

      It’s really fun to play around with proportions (like making the skirt less full, or making it short like a tunic) + design features on little girls dresses because then you can used all those odd scraps of fabric that aren’t quite big enough for adult clothes. Addictive!

      Similar patterns here (I think I got mine in a spotlight sale) :


      DId you get anything from Centrepoint last weekend?

      • Not from Centrepoint (I’m actually not much of a fan of theirs) but I did get something from Draper Fabrics just down the road 🙂 Thanks for the pattern links, they’re very cute!

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