Hi blog world, it’s been awhile. I didn’t mean to take a break while on my work placement and even had a few garments that I was planning to post about, but I haven’t felt bothered to take photos lately and I kind of lost enthusiasm for the garments the more pregnant I have gotten. What can I say – I am all about the pyjama pant right now!

My placement was good but I’m really glad it’s over too! Full credit to all the working mums out there, it is tough work getting a kid out the door before 8am, then having to make and feed them dinner when they’re getting grumpy in the evening. Harry rocked up to daycare in PJs at least once (I changed him once there) and ended up having toast for dinner several times as it was the only thing he’d accept. Sometimes I would squeeze a bit of sewing into the evening but often all I could manage was surfing the net. Thank goodness for having blogs to read! I have two more weeks and an epic research project then I am freeeeee from study forever.

Anyway I thought I would do a quick post on some of my maternity garments although I haven’t made much of an effort with the photos I’m afraid and really the most exciting thing you’re going to see here today is the bonus plant pot I have thrown in at the end.

First up is another of the Meghan Neilson wrap tops I last showed you. I went with a cropped version with ties to sit above my belly when I’m wearing a dress or skirt. The fabric is a really nice black knit with flocked polka dots. It turned out OK but honestly I’ve only worn it a few times. I think I can probably use this pattern as non maternity wear, but if I make it again I will extend the front pieces at least 10 cm or so (probably as long at the fabric allows) because as it is now, the side seam (which doesn’t necessarily stay at the sides the bigger you get!) is quite unsightly.



Next I made a floral top out of $1 fabric from the op shop. Bargain! I used the bodice from an old sewing pattern then gathered the torso fabric into it – Dirdnl style – so it would ‘flow’ over my growing tummy. I used bias binding for the straps, inserted an upside-down zip at the back and lined the top of the bodice. It turned out quite well.. but again hasn’t gotten much wear. I feel a bit busty now to wear such thin straps to be honest (that’s just personal preference btw. It feels like everything’s getting squished upwards). I might wear it post-baby, however I have found that the fabric attracts thread/cat hair/etc badly, so I’m not sure.



My most successful item was this black polyester-something skirt.


I originally made a navy polka dot cotton version using a tutorial on cotton and curls’ blog. It didn’t really turn out that great – there was a lot of bunching in the back waistband and it looked super-frumpy. I also made a ponte pencil skirt from one of her tutorials that was useful to have but not really a high-quality product (no photo of either of these sorry – I couldn’t get them to stick to the wall!). I think I’ve said this before but I am not really a fan of those ‘trace around a clothing item you already own’ tutorials because there is always some strange issue with the final garment. Anyway, having made the polka dot version first I was able to adjust my measurements for the black skirt and construct it much better. I got to use my new stitch-in-the-dich foot too. Yippee! The elasticated back means it can grow with the bump even if it looks a bit ugly 🙂





Ok, I didn’t really make this but thought I would include it as a tip for any other maternity sewers. I tried the ‘adding elastic inserts to the sides of RTW pants’ as suggested by pinterest. It was pretty good for work if you have a top that covers the inserts.


If you’ve made it this far, thank you for humoring me and my boring, boring sewing! I would love to start a fun new  project but it feels a bit pointless when I am at this point in pregnancy and really can’t do any fitting. I have been making pot plant covers though! This one is made from some strange acid-wash denim but I think it kind of works…


I also have some little people clothes that I will save for another post.

Hoorah for getting back on the horse!


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