Alfie’s jacket


Did you know that in February there was a crazy dog lady sewing challenge? You can read the the round ups here, here and here if you want to see the entries and winners. There is some quite cool stuff so it’s definitely worth a browse!

I actually have a dog and a cat and if you were forcing me to pick I would probably choose the cat over the dog. I know that sounds mean but my dog is really, really naughty whereas my cat is so chilled. We have spent so much time and money trying to train him but it hasn’t gotten us very far. He still pulls on the leash, escapes out the cat door, jumps up at people and eats things he shouldn’t (once he ate a nappy – ewww! Sorry for that but it was pretty traumatic for us too). At least he is small enough to pick up and put in his cage when need be. All I’m hoping now is that he mellows with age!

Obviously I do love him though and I have been meaning to make him a jacket after since seeing all the cute doggy clothes that Very Purple Person makes (like this raincoat!). This was during my scrap busting mission and I wanted to use one of Kelvin’s woollen jumpers that had a couple of holes in it.


Hmm you can’t really see them but they’re there!

I had just got my new machine and was really excited that it had a darning function (it looked like fun) but when I spoke to the women in the shop they said I should just use the 3-step zig zag. You can see where I’ve done it in the left photo although it blends in so well that Kelvin said ‘I would have kept wearing that’. The right is a close up of the neck ribbing which was made from the waistband.


Basically all I did was trace an existing rtw dog jacket of Alfie’s which was very simple, with only two butt darts. I lined the inside with leftover flannelette from PJs and used velcro as a fastener.



Isn’t he handsome wearing it?


We gave his fur a trim a few days before this and it may be a little wonky around his face. At least he can see though – his eyes were hidden beforehand.

alfie-side Alfie-standing

Aww so cute. I don’t think he is really a fan of wearing clothes but it is more for us parents to gush over right? I had a scary parent moment last weekend when he got attacked at the dog park by an alsatian. Sounds dramatic, but it was! His ear got bitten and it was bleeding all over the place. Hopefully that will teach him not to steal other dogs’ tennis balls!


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