Meghan Neilson wrap top


When I found out I was pregnant I was excited to try out Meghan Neilson’s maternity patterns – mainly because the illustrations are so cute! Luckily they are now offered through Simplicity so I was able to to pick one up from Spotlight for $5 in a bundle sale. I chose the wrap top and also picked up some printed stretch cotton while I was there. I didn’t stick to the yardage requirements and ended up having to go back for more – a word of warning this uses a lot of fabric! I prefer the long sleeve version but it’s way too hot for that right now.


This was me attempting a ‘blogger’ look-into-distance pose. hmmm..

I forgot to take a close up of the print but I think you get the picture. It works quite well as the colour ‘dabs’ blend across all the wrap pieces rather than looking like they are being cut in half like a floral might. The only problem is that the fabric is white on the back so any edges that aren’t tucked in (and the back of the tie ends) stand out, as you can see below.



It’s basically two wrap fronts attached to really long tails. I didn’t even make them as long as they’re supposed to be because it felt like things were getting ridiculous! I doubt I will make this again as it feels like a waste of fabric to get a basic looking top – a lot of time is also needed to hem those looong edges. I have already adapted the pattern to have the crossover top that carries on down as one piece and made a cropped version with much shorter tails to wear over dresses.

Here is the adapted version made in a thinner grey fabric. I think I might have sewn the crossover bits in the wrong place as the seam sits on top on my boobs rather than over or under. Sigh…  Whatever.



Hopefully they will be good for work. I would prefer not to wear a singlet underneath because it’s so hot, however wrap tops often expose a bit too much cleavage so I will need to find a little cami top or something. I definitely don’t look as glamorous as the pattern model sadly… it’s really not fair to use someone who looks like that when us preggy ladies are feeling about as frumpy as can be. Ah well.. only four more months of that.



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