Maternity dress

Like I said in my last post, we are expecting another baby and she is due in July! That makes me 22 weeks pregnant now and I am bumping along quite nicely. I have outgrown pretty much all of my regular clothes except for the very stretchy or very loose.

This pregnancy has unfortunately coincided with my final paper at uni which is a 9 week internship. I have some clothing leftover from my last pregnancy but most of it is not that suitable for a corporate environment. I’m pretty sure I even got away with wearing jandals (flip flops) at my last job! I haven’t had much luck finding decent maternity wear in New Zealand, it is either really ugly or really expensive, considering the short amount of time you wear it. I bought a couple of things from Asos’ maternity range and am hoping that I can get a few more pieces from Topshop which has just opened here. RTW for the win! I have also been attempting to make a few things. First up is this stretch dress – Simplicity 1360 (a maternity specific pattern).


Can I first say that a) I look really grumpy in these photos (I think I was) and b) I accidentally hemmed it too short. Hopefully with tights it looks work-appropriate. I think the hem actually is straight, it just takes a little arranging around the bump and looks a bit wonky in these pictures.


I used a nice stretch cotton that feels just thick enough (but not too warm) and I overlocked most of the seams.


The front twist is a typical maternity style, almost in a cheesy way – but I have to say I felt a bit clever making it myself! I think I sewed the wrong edges together at one point, but that was a silly mistake and the instructions were actually very easy. I’m pretty happy with how it came together. There are a few things I will do better if I make it again, but for my first time I’m happy. I would like to make another because it was fun, but I don’t know if I really need another one.


OK, looking at this picture I am definitely not going to try and convince you that my hem is straight from the front to the back. I blame the bump and the fact it keeps growing! These photos were taking at around 18 weeks btw. I’m pretty gutted that I cut it shorter than I meant to.

When I did google and pinterest searches for maternity sewing I was kind of disappointed with the results. There are a lot of those ‘hack’ type tutorials like adding elastic waistbands to jeans etc but there is not much in the way of properly drafted patterns. Although I don’t really love being pregnant on the internet I thought posting the pictures might be useful for someone else who is considering making this, I know that seeing finished versions can definitely sway me one way or the other.

I’m hoping that this blog doesn’t become overrun with stretch items for the next few months (which are so not what I usually go for) but I can’t promise anything!


7 thoughts on “Maternity dress

  1. I think I just didn’t get that in your last post so I go for it now: Congratulations! 🙂
    I like the dress, the front detail lookes really tricky. Maybe you could try Made by Rae’s Washi Dress or Tunic, it’s office appropriate and I think it makes a good maternity dress, too.

  2. I missed the mention of bump in the last post, too (a few days of not keeping up with my blog list meant I had around 400 posts to catch up on, so I was mainly looking at pictures), so congratulations from me, too.
    I think this style is lovely on you, and the colour really suits you – shame about the hem (yeah – not gonna lie and say it looks straight to me), but I think you can get away with that length.

    • Haha i was surreptitiously trying to mention it. I think I got excited too early in my last pregnancy and it dragged on forever so I am trying to be low-key this time around. It’s getting kinds of obvious though dammit!
      I am just hoping that people decide not to be mean to me about the hem because.. what kind of person is mean to a pregnant lady!?

  3. I think it is very clever how the front twists around. When I was pregnant long ago you should have seen the few patterns even the big companies were offering. Then if you went RTW it was incredibly expensive to buy something that was actually nice. I think you look nice, and it wasn’t incredibly expensive!

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