Simple tops

Hello hello! It’s just started raining outside and there’s washing on the line, but I figure it’s already too late to save it so I’m firmly perched on the couch. I guess I am in lazy weekend mode already… which I shouldn’t be really because we have quite a busy one ahead with lots of extended family coming to visit and some serious home DIY projects while dad is here. How good are dads?

We’ve had a makeshift chicken wire fence blocking off our backyard ever since we got out dog, Alfie. Over time it has slumped lower and lower and we’ve had to prop random things, such as a wheelbarrow, in front of it to stop him from escaping. A helpful climbing weed has even joined in and started knitting all of these objects together. Despite being an eyesore, this was a workable solution until a big dog from down the street discovered our house and jumped into our back yard one day. It was like a comedy routine as I tried to usher her out through the house while (unsuccessfully) containing Alfie and Harry (who badly wanted to pat him). She kept coming back too! So hopefully the rain clears off this weekend and we can get some posts in for a proper fence.

Anyway… onto the sewing.



Another basic shape for me, but some exciting fabric. The front is made from some silk organza (I think!) with little navy, orange and white embroidered circles. I love this fabric! It’s underlined with voile because it was very see-through and I used a navy rayon on the back and for the collar because I think the colour looked a bit odd with my skin tone. Also I thought the fabric might be a bit stiff for a whole top.



I don’t know it’s obvious, but the beginnings of a baby bump are under that top so i can’t really be too fussy with fit at the moment! (More info on that soon). I’m not sure if the back sits quite as it should but I’m also not that bothered. It’s nothing ground-breaking but I think it could be a good work top.

I also have a second version which is hardly worth blogging except I did use a fun lining.


It started raining when we started to photograph it!


I used New Look 6483, which I have used a couple of times before. To be honest I started these a few months ago and I can’t quite remember my tweaks, but I think narrowed the shoulders and neckline a bit. I am pretty happy with this shape but think it could still use some work. I’m using this pattern to experiment/practice things like facings vs lining vs bias binding finishes. It’s interesting to use a simple shape with different fabrics and see how the drape and weight changes the pattern.

Alright, that’s it from me. Over and out!


7 thoughts on “Simple tops

  1. It’s a really cool idea to use different fabrics / colors for the front and back. It gives a special look even to a simple top like this. The shape fits you very well! 🙂

    • It’s so hard deciding what to line those lovely sheer fabrics with. Adding weight to a chiffon by lining it can almost ruin the floaty feeling but so can wearing an extra layer underneath, unless it is just the right shape. It makes you understand why all those catwalk models just wear the chiffon tops without anything underneath!

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