Scrap busting

I feel like this post is so boring (and crafty), but to be honest I have been doing a lot of boring sewing lately! It has been all about using up my scraps and finishing off those pesky projects. You know how it is when you start a new year…

First off I will start with my felt food.


I originally started making these with a group of girls at craft night. It took a lot longer than we were expecting and we didn’t quite get around to holding a second craft night so I had unfinished fruit sitting around for months! I eventually decided to finish them a few weeks ago and devised a production line system in front of the TV. We are way behind the crowd and still only watching season three of Breaking Bad, but the good thing is that there are lots of episodes to wile away the hand stitching.


I wanted to make them for Harry to play shopkeeper with but now that I’ve finished them, I think he is still too young because I just know they are going to get wrecked (or given to the dog). I’ll have to tuck them away for another year or so I think. I was also thinking they might make a good gift for other children, but it does take quite awhile to make a significant number.



I think the strawberries are my favourite – I really want to save a little punnet to store them in! All the tutorials (plus many more) can be found on this list on apartment therapy. There are so many cool felt food ideas and I’d love to make more but I don’t really know if I have the patience…


Next I have something pretty quaint, but honestly these get used heaps and I get to feel a tiny bit better about my fabric habit knowing that I’ve used the scraps. Oven mitts!


Basically I pieced together leftover cotton then attempted to quilt and bind them. Don’t look to closely because I may just be the worst quilter ever. They’re functional though and that’s what matters. I made my first pair last year and used two layers of regular wadding because I couldn’t locate the proper heat resistant stuff. They were fine, if a little too padded at first.  This time round I used one layer wadding and one layer of the heat resistant stuff which is way thinner but makes an annoying cellophane noise when touched. They also look a bit puffy but they get flattened pretty quickly.


I originally thought that I might be able to perfect the art of making these and then give them to aunties etc as christmas presents but I really don’t think my skills can stretch that far. There is definitely an art to sandwiching wadding and fabric into a tiny strip of binding and sewing it so that it actually catches each layer and looks tidy! Oh well, I probably didn’t save myself any money making these but I will appreciate them every day 🙂

Finally, some pJs. I really wanted the pom pom trim but the stuff I used must have been acrylic because it’s disintegrated a bit. These are pretty bad photos but you get the drift. Who irons PJs anyway?



So there we go – some scrap busting. If you have any good ideas for using up leftover fabric let me know. I promise to bring show you some decent garments soon!


6 thoughts on “Scrap busting

  1. I LOVE your felt food! The strawberries are my favourite, too. My god, I want to make a whole felt supermarket! So cute. And oven mitts are really useful! They look great to me 🙂
    The PJs are cute too – I really want to make myself some summer PJs. I keep seeing girls wearing baggy shorts with pompom trim, and I just…am not a fan. The crotch dangles lower than the rest of the shorts, and it looks weird. And also…isn’t it weird having little balls rubbing between your thighs all day? That sounds so dirty, but I do wonder!

    • There are so many amazing felt cakes on pinterest with berries and custard etc on. I can’t even make a real cake that nice! I didn’t really want to point it out, but to be honest the place that the pom pom started disintegrating first was between the thighs. I guess you need a thigh gap to wear them! I really like pom poms around the edge of scarves and that would be really easy to DIY.

  2. Oh wow, the felt fruits are awesome! And I really like the PJs, the pom pom’s are very cute. (Allthough I wonder about the same thing like teaandrainbows. 😉 )
    Quilting is something I might try sometimes too, but I have the feeling that my quilting skills aren’t good enough to bring out something as nice as your oven mitts (I’m not very patient… 😉 ).

    • My quilting was so messy, but I didn’t really try that hard or look at any tutorials for advice. I do love seeing people’s beautiful quilts but I think it would be so hard trying to maneuver that much fabric through a machine and you really have to be patient to stick with one project for so long. I think starting with something like a cushion cover would be good.

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