Easy grid top


I have a very basic top to show you today. It’s cynthia rowley for simplicity 1366. I was quite hesitant to buy this pattern as it seems so simple, but Ada Spragg kept posting her beautiful versions (1/2) and a 3 for $15 sale came up so I was convinced! (As a side note I’m really not sure about the skirt included in the pattern. It could turn out good or sooo bad).


I just made the pattern as is – a size 10. I usually go for an 8 but decided to go up a size because of the loose fit I was after. It doesn’t have darts or anything and doesn’t needed to be fitted as such, however the grid patterned fabric does make it look a bit messy when there is a crease! It’s a poly-something and is nice to work with and wear though still a bit hot for this time of year.


It’s pretty much what I was expecting but I might add some length next time, especially if I am making a work version. As you can see I’ve put another top underneath for modesty. The sleeve length could also be played with. and I’m not really sure about the colour on me, which is a crazy thing to say as I wear black all the time however something about this top makes me feel like I need to lighten up!


I messed up the stripe matching on one side, boooo! I always forget about that kind of thing until it’s too late! I didn’t think it was even possible to match the armhole.. let me know if I’m wrong


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