The ghosts of 2014

Wow, this year is almost over, they definitely begin to fly by the older you get. I haven’t been sewing much lately – to be honest I haven’t been very motivated despite having a number of works-in-progress that are so close to being finished it’s silly. I recently tried to turn our outside room into a sewing room because I was getting sick of the threads and sewing-related flotsam and jetsam that kept accumulating around the house. Its not very convenient going outside though.

Anyway, I have a few garments from throughout the year that haven’t quite made it onto the blog- the garments I didn’t finish and probably never will. Sometimes you just have to call time on an ugly project right? They’re clogging up my sewing space so I have to pay them their dues and MOVE ON! For those of you trying to kill time at work during your last few slow days before the holidays, hopefully you will get a few cringes out of these.


We’ll start of with one that’s not too bad… a woven gingham top with a short zip in the back. Unfortunately I can’t move my arms in it! This is a problem I’ve had with a few patterns so I guess I need to learn how to adjust for this.


This is made from a strange almost tie-dyed denim. The fabric isn’t even the worse thing, the fit is all off. Probably a couple of years ago I wouldn’t have noticed that and it’s not really obvious from the pictures, but yeah – not good.


Here is a really bad one – the trouser from my much-loved 1371 shorts pattern. Both items are only muslins so probably not made of the ideal fabric.. but I don’t think they’ll ever make it into real garments. They are both really unflattering (and I am sorry about the lack of bra but there was really nothing that worked in this situation). I’ve got to say I still kind of love this pattern but think it is for model-esque figures.



Ahh – photo’s are too bright! These shirts are both made from the same pattern and are ok. They always seemed too boring to blog about though. The fabric used for the sleeveless version is unfortunately made from some kind of poly-blend and it’s not that nice. I had all kinds of self-inflicted problems with the long sleeved version, like sewing the sleeve on backwards and having to re-do the collar due to puckering fabric. I don’t think I suit shirts really.


I actually like this skirt. I made the waistband too small and haven’t been bothered to fix it all year. I think I’ll hang onto it a bit longer. (That’s basting in the front)


Not sure what’s going on with my face in this picture! I was trying to position the sleeves on my arms for the photo but the timer kept going off before I could do so. Anyway, I started to make a little cropped jacket but didn’t even get to sewing the sleeves on. I decided the pattern was too much however I’ve had a change of heart and might try to finish it next year. It’s so hard to go back to old projects though!

patterned linen

Oh man, I think this is hideous! Depressingly I have seen some beautiful things done with this fabric but I don’t think it was made to be a dress and I don’t think the colours work on me. Originally it was meant to have sleeves but I removed them because I couldn’t move my arms.


This was supposed to have sleeves but I didn’t have enough fabric. It needed sleeves..


OK I saved the best (well, worst) for last. I mean, I’m not sure how to justify this dress but it really looked amazing in my head. There is a piece of beaded fabric wrapped around my waist acting as a waistband but it’s fallen down. Not that it looked a whole lot better when it was in place..
The shape was quite sack-like so I tried to save it by adding the gathering at the waist. In hindsight.. not a good move.

Too much fabric. Too much blue. And seriously, even if it had worked, where would I wear a blue gown?

Oh well, I have gotten those of my chest now. I hope I am not the only one that had some epic sewing fails this year. It’s all experience people! Please share links if you have anything embarrassing you think I need to see 🙂 I will be back with my hits and misses from the blog before NYE but until then, have a great Christmas everyone!


5 thoughts on “The ghosts of 2014

  1. I love this post. Sometimes everything seems so perfect in the blogging world, it’s nice to flaunt the failures every once in a while. You’re good for photographing them – I never get that far! That last gown looks like some sort of Renaissance/medieval costume! I do like the black skirt though, it looks great on you!

    • I know, it’s always good to have a nosy behind the perfection! I feel like I can throw some of them out now I’ve photographed them (or maybe re-use the fabric).. they usually hang around haunting me.

  2. That draped skirt is the bees knees so I hope you do keep hold of it. And I giggled at the pic of you holding up the sleeves. Here’s to a happy 2015 full of sewing!

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