Farewell 2014

Hello from (sometimes) sunny Ngunguru in Northland! This my first time posting from a mobile and it’s not even mine because I’m so low on data 😦 But I suppose holidays are meant to be about freeing ourselves from the shackles of technology so maybe that’s a good thing.  We are up here with friends, having a great time at the beach during the day followed by food, drink and competitive board games in the evening. Love summer!

Writing this list of hits and misses was very therapeutic! All year I had felt a bit negative about my makes – there was always some issue, be it fitting or fabric choice and to be honest I still mainly wear ready-to-wear clothing on a day-to-day basis. When I went through my gallery to compile ‘hits and misses’ I was surprised that the candidates for ‘hits’ far surpassed those for misses. I think I am too much of a perfectionist sometimes and also have high expectations of sewing a chic designer wardrobe when in reality I have more of a girl-next-door aesthetic. A lot of bloggers mention that sewing is an opportunity to find out what suits them and their lifestyle and I suppose I am the same. It is a learning process and I have definitely improved a lot since the beginning of the year. I think I need to accept the graft that is involved in muslining, fitting and re-fitting until the garment is right instead on jumping right in. Hopefully 2015 brings more stylistic clarity and better fit!

I will get the misses out of the way 


strawberry shorts
Got all the way to the end and they didn’t fit. gutted!


patterned shorts
Attempt two at this pattern in a larger size. The shorts fit but felt wrong around the butt – I need to adjust the curve and try again. (dammit, I liked these!)


An attempt to franken pattern a dress and knickers together into swimwear. Let’s just say it was a lot of effort for a pretty ugly garment! It’s too short in the body for me to ever feel comfortable swimming in it. I don’t even like the fabric but I was determined to push myself into trying something new and I definitely did learn a lot during this make. And yes, this will be the last time I model swimwear on the internet!


ombre t shirt
I use this as a pajama top so it probably gets more wear than some of my hits! My first attempt at ombre dying taught me that a) fabric composition is important and b) I have no patience! The fabric turned out very patchy and faded. It’s pretty comfy though so I decided to sew it up anyway. The hems on the sleeves are also too skinny and they turn out all the time – that was actually a good lesson to learn.


disco leopard top
Too tight at the armholes unfortunately.

And now the hits..

Realistically I probably should be choosing garments where I learnt something new or pushed myself. This year I’ve done linings, underlinings, many waistbands and belt loops, yokes, collars, plackets and cuffs, tricky angles, piping, lace insets etc. All my hits are fairly simple garments though.. These are the ones I would look at in a store and maybe buy. The ones that I felt satisfied with when done.


Floral two piece
I think this is my favorite of 2014. I love the fabric and I loved the fact that it is quite sweet without being a dress. It doesn’t exactly fit into my mummy routine but it will get some weekend wear over the hotter months). LOVE!


Georgia on my mind
Since being made, the zip has broken so I have’t really worn this a lot. I finally got around to buying a replacement zip but installation hasn’t quite happened yet…
This is a great little black dress though. I think the thick straps are interesting and give it a more sophisticated look.


Striped skirt
I’m not really sure about the first iteration of this skirt – as half of a two piece set. Once I chopped the hem and changed my top though, I loved it. Classic, wearable.. just a tiiiiny bit too tight on the waistband. Oh well, you can’t win them all!


Pixie skirt
It surprised me that I liked this. I actually think it was the photos I took that swayed me – the pattern looks pretty cool, I wish I was standing against wallpaper covered in it! Sadly this skirt is also a bit too tight on the waistband. I can wear this (and the others) but they aren’t as comfortable as they should be. I guess my new years resolution is crunches and running!


Huge spotted mini
It was hard to choose a final but I think it has to be this skirt for the sheer joy it gives me to see it in my wardrobe. So bright!

And I know I’m meant to keep it to five, but I’m really proud of the selfless sewing too – Kelvin’s top and little girls dresses (Oops deleted the link and can’t figure out how to get it back on this phone!)

Thanks to everyone who reads and especially everyone who comments. I am pretty bad at commenting myself (2015 resolution) but I really appreciate the few comments I get so please keep ’em coming! Hopefully I will get to know some of you better in 2015. Having a blog makes sewing much more fun and pushes me to keep improving.. or at least keep trying! 2015 is going to be a busy year for me but I really hope that I can keep up with sewing instead of just jealously reading all your blogs!




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