One more pair…

Hi. This is my last pair of simplicity 1371 shorts I promise! This time I made them sans-waistband and drafted a facing instead.




The fabric is really lovely and I got it from spotlight of all places. I have no idea what type it is- a heavy woven that reminds me of an aztec blanket or something…


It stretched out of shape so much during construction though, the short were about 2 inches wide on each side by the time I tried them on. Oops. I would’ve been gutted not to get anything out of this fabric, so I took in as many of the seams as possible and end up with something that fits. They are meant to sit high but seem to stretch out as they are worn and drop a little. Lucky the waist facing (and pockets) is made from a more stable fabric which holds them together. 


I kind of like them but the fabric thickness feels a bit bulky on. I don’t really care and I couldn’t think of anything else to use the fabric for, so overall I feel OK about them. They look kind of wonky in the photos – Harry was being very clingy and needed to be held, so I didn’t have much of a chance re-arrange. (Also the pictures are out of focus again!). I think they look a bit better in real life but maybe not perfect.




8 thoughts on “One more pair…

    • I hadn’t thought of tights – I think they will be good winter shorts actually because they’re so thick. Harry has got a ridiculous outfit on in the photos (it has a little tail). At least he is too young to know he looks silly!

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