Shirt + Shorts

Hiya. Just a quick post from me today, I am feeling exhausted and really want to crash in front of the telly but we got rid of sky (cable) a couple of weeks back and haven’t got a free-view receiver yet. It’s good for evening productivity, I know, but every now and then it feels really good to just turn on the TV and put my brain on standby.

The photos of me in this post are terrible – you can hardly make out the fabric. Hopefully the inside ones help a bit. This is a cute little sleeveless shirt by Burda – 7052. I’m not sure what I think of the sleeves on version C, I mean those things are big!



The fabric is a cotton with blue embroidered dots.  Sadly this, along with a number of white things I’ve made recently, is quite see-through and I feel like that ruins it a little. I can wear a singlet underneath but it doesn’t look crisp. I love the feel of light white fabric and forget about the practicalities of it. Anyway, minor gripe.

I thought the pattern was great. This was my first time doing a collar without a stand and I was expecting it to look less professional or something, but I think it looks fine.


Alfie’s playing peek-a-boo


The focus on these photos is so such bad ! Hopefully you can get some idea of fit, however the fact that the shirt’s tucked-in doesn’t really do it any favours.

I’m wearing it here with the muslin I made of the simplicity/cynthia rowley shorts recently. The fabric is some polyester blend I picked up for $1 at fabric-a-brac and I never intended to wear these (thus the lack of overlocking and that chunky hem) but I quite like them.


So, I do like this top pattern – it was really easy and uses hardly any fabric, but I’m just not sure if I like shirts. They are fun to sew but I can never seem to create an outfit with them that seems ‘me’.

I feel a bit boring saying this but I do have one more pair of these shorts to come… what can I say, I love shorts!



6 thoughts on “Shirt + Shorts

  1. On these pictures there is nothing see through. Maybe it’s the light, but don’t worry too much. 😉 It’s looking great, the shirt alone and even together with your verry wearable muslin shorts.
    (By the way, you shouldn’t have problems translating my blog any longer, I decided to run it bilingual from now on. 😉 )

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