A skirt for twirling

Howdy friends! Well, today has been one of those glorious days where you get up, have a shower, then put your pj pants back on. Our street is having new tarmac laid and we’re supposed to limit our car use for a day or two – the perfect excuse for some lazy home life. To be fair, having a one-and-a-half year old around changes the vibe a little. Harry is really into sucking tubes of toothpaste, playing with the food processor attachments and tying bits of string around his neck, so the brief periods of relaxation are interrupted by necessary parental supervision.

Anyway, skirt time! This little number is McCalls 6842 and I originally made a muslin of version A as I really like the photograph on the pattern cover. The panel that extends into the flounce affected the way it sat (in a bad way) though so I went with the other option. And obviously it’s the short version – further shortened by at least another inch.


The pattern says easy and it really was. I think I might have trimmed a little too much off the length in hindsight but hopefully it’s not indecent! I also made the basic top I am wearing – I would call it a singlet but I’m not sure if that’s internationally recognised or even correct! Maybe a camisole? I used the bias-cut slip from the shirtdress pattern I recently posted. The fabric is apparently an indonesian cotton; I got it for $1 at fabric-a-brac market so wasn’t too worried that it might not be suitable for the pattern. Obviously it hasn’t been ironed and looks pretty rough!

front side-back

Here is a close up of the fabric. Ottoman suiting from spotlight, purchased because I thought it was on sale. I still have a little left and am not sure what to use if for as it’s too narrow for a top. Hmmm.. Even though the print is sort-of directional I thought it wouldn’t be so obvious that the circle skirt flounce would look strange.


I think I might make a red one next or another print, and I’ll definitely add a little length. These photos are not the best – I set my camera timer but I don’t think the focus was right. Oh well, at least you can see the passionfruit plant in the background clearly 🙂



oops not quite zipped all the way. I would say ‘that’s when having a photographer helps’ but to be honest, Kelvin probably wouldn’t even notice 🙂


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