Linen shirtdress

I started this dress awhile ago but it was left hanging buttonless on my door for weeks and weeks until I finally bought a new buttonhole foot. The fabric is from my linen haul at The Fabric Store. As with my last linen dress, I’m just not sure I am any good at sewing with it (or rather cutting it out!). The boob area is a little loose and it just looks a bit messy. I’ve made this pattern before and didn’t have a problem with ease so it’s got to be the diffence in fabric.


I made the full skirted option this time. I’m not sure which I prefer. I might try and make just the skirt part of this dress sometime soon.



I am not very impressed with that little tuck up near the shoulder. Also the placket looks a bit dodgy near the bottom of the skirt. It’s so frustrating when things so turn out as nice as hoped! I think some of the problems will be fixed with a press – I hurriedly rush outside to take photos and neglected to iron first.



I changed the back of the pattern to omit the gathers at the top. I must have forgotten to remove the gather allowance from the bottom of the pattern piece though because it was too long. This is the problem with leaving a long time between cutting out – sewing- then finishing, I’ve forgotten the details.


I really thought this dress would be beautiful but I’m kind of disappointed by it. I can’t even pinpoint the problem but I guess it is down to the ease in the bodice and it not looking quite as professional as I’d like. Anyway… enough moaning 🙂

I have been really busy recently with two exams in the last two days and another tomorrow. I usually do well on assignments and then my exam marks bring me down (booo!) so I have been trying a bit harder to remember every last detail. We’re going to visit my family over the weekend though which will be a nice break after all this study. Hope you all have a nice weekend too!


14 thoughts on “Linen shirtdress

    • Thank you. I know, we are always so picky about ourselves. The worst is when you like something, then photograph it and all the little errors become apparent! Anyway I am not meaning to be too grumpy, I am still proud of all the work I put in 🙂

    • Thanks. I have seen quite a few versions of this dress around the internet and I think it has been well received so you should definitely consider this pattern if you do make one 🙂

  1. A linen shirtdress! I wouldn’t have come up with that, but it’s a lovely idea! Perhaps I should make one myself next summer, if I can find the courage. I’m bad at cutting and handling linen too, but I love to wear it!
    Could it be that the bodice is a tad too long on you? I suck at diagnosing fit issues, but it doesn’t seem loose to me except for the fabric pooling above the waistband? The ease around the bust looks good to me. (I can’t feel it, obviously, and how you feel might be quite different from how you look.)

    • Sorry it has taken me forever to reply.
      I also think it might be a bit too long in the bodice but it’s just strange because last time I made it, it was fine. Sewing huh? I am going to take a break from linen for awhile!

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