Flowers for spring

You know how I wanted the cynthia rowley/simplicity 1371 pattern but couldn’t find it anywhere? Well it’s finally arrived in NZ! And funnily enough the first thing I’ve made from it (after a muslin for the top) was the shorts . I’m not really sure how that happened because I never actually intended to make them but, well, here they are.


Once the shorts were done, I thought ‘I’ve just got to take this all the way’ and thus the matching top was born! I’ve had the fabric for a couple of years, and although it was fairly cheap and not that special, I just love it and couldn’t bring myself to cut into it until now. I knew I didn’t want to make a dress with it, and am unsure about printed pants on myself. It’s cotton with a tiny tiny amount of stretch. I think it works well for these garments though. The top is New Look 6483, which I made previously here. Cropped of course, because I seem a little bit addicted to that style at the moment.


The shorts are extremely high waisted. I feel kind of strange wearing them because I don’t think I’ve ever worn anything this shape and that high before. It’s the kind of outfit that requires confidence, because I know I’ll be thinking ‘ahh people are looking at me’ when I wear it- even though they probably aren’t. The shorts have small pleats in the front which I’m really not fond of. I don’t think they look bad from front on, but when you are looking down from above they look like bloomers! They were very straightforward to make, so hopefully I can make the pants up in the same size and they will fit fine too.


Obviously I don’t have to wear both pieces together. Here is an example of the shorts with a black top that I think looks quite good, although I don’t really like the blousing at the waist.



And of course to finish, a boot-ay picture. God I hate photos from behind but I think for shorts/pants it can be useful. I found these fit me pretty damn well compared to some other bottoms I’ve made, that don’t seem to have the right shape and length crotch for me.


These photos were taken next to our vegie garden. It’s Spring people, that means gardening time! We have four artichokes growing on a ginormous plants, lots of kale, cauli and leeks coming through from our winter crop, and we’ve planted all sorts for our summer crop. We also have a few fruit trees. The only problem is the snails… ew. We picked about 30 off the garden yesterday – I made Kelvin take them out the front and deal to them – don’t want to know about it! To be honest, I like plants that I can leave to take care of themselves. Hopefully as each year passes I will learn more about how to get the most from gardening, with the least amount of effort!



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