A couple of pairs of trousers

Spring is well and truly in the air in my part of the world. We have had the kind of weather that make you want to throw your arms out and spin around the garden singing. Soooo good! On Saturday we had a little sewing group trip to a supplier of African wax print fabric, followed by coffee and chit chat. Apart from Michelle, I hadn’t met of of these sewists before so it was great to meet more enthusiasts. Our coffee spot was a winery /cafe complete with saturday morning farmers market and live music. I was on a serious summer-high sitting in the sun in those surroundings talking fabric! I didn’t buy any wax print on our trip but I wanted to see it in person to get a feel for the scale etc for potential future online sprees. I have also been doing loads of sewing over the weekend – bliss.


These pants were made months ago actually and I wasn’t going to post them but I’ve had a changed of heart about my initial thoughts on them. They are, of course, Papercut’s Animas and were purchased during the anima-pant-comp frenzy. The first pair are made up in a spotty rayon that opened my eyes up to the fact that rayon feels like heaven. The only problem is that it was slippery and I’m not sure that I got it quite on grain because the inside leg seam looks a bit wavy. ( To be honest I’m not really sure if that is a grain or fitting issue because it seems to be a problem in my second pair too, which were definitely on grain).


I don’t think I got the fit of them great really. The rise is too short and I went up a size to improve this but lost the slim fit and they look kind of like pyjamas. They are tighter when they come out of the wash but soften and bag at the knees once worn. I was hoping they would be ‘outside’ pants as per the pics above (because I wear heels so often – ha!), but since I made them I have mainly worn them at home. Allll the time at home though. Actually one of the drawstring rivets has fallen off they have been thrashed so much!


Not enough fabric for the pockets bags!


Here is a close up pre-thrashing.


My second pair are made of a grey wool woven. I was aiming for a smart dressy look but actually they are hilarious and look like business-suit track pants. These are definitely ‘at home’ pants! At least they’re cosy and the fabric was bought on sale so it doesn’t feel like too much of a waste.



I’m not sure how I feel about this pattern having made it. I think I could definitely tweak it to fit in the way I want it too, but I question whether it is really my style. Perhaps I am better just using it for lounging pants, rather than trying to make anything stylish. I will probably make some more for around the house when the weather starts getting cool again – but let’s not even think about that!


6 thoughts on “A couple of pairs of trousers

    • It probably varies a lot depending of your figure and what size you make etc. Because I’m kind of short and seem to have a long crotch (eep!) I think the size I used came out kind of casual. I bet leggy women look a lot more polished in them! Papercut recommends to go up a size if you use a woven so perhaps doing that and slimming the legs would look better. Also I saw that gingermakes just made the hudson pants said that they were a slimmer fit that anima which suggest that she found them to be loose-ish on the legs too. I would definitely try with a not-so-special fabric first!

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