Blue linen New Look 6123

So.. work wear. Not sure if I mentioned that I have ventured back into the workforce – a very taxing 5 hours per week (+ conference call on friday). It doesn’t really warrant a new work wardrobe.. but still, makers gonna make*.  So here we have New look 6123 the ruffle free cap sleeved version. This is actually quite a versatile pattern so I hope to knock out a few more once I have the fit right.




Ahh.. the fit. I didn’t make any adjustments because it seemed fine, but it is not fine (unless you consider a saggy under-bust fine). The full extent of the horror is not obvious in these pictures as it look almost passable when I’m standing up. However when I’m sitting at my computer (as I am most of the time at work) there is a big flap under the bust.Not flattering. My guess is that I needed to remove some length from the front bodice and possibly take the dart in further (maybe even a SBA). Curse me and my impatient nature! I wonder if I can unpick it and fix the problem now or if I will have to live with boob-sag?


This fabric is b-eau-ti-ful! It’s a soft, thick and just-really-nice linen. I love the colour as well. The only problem I found was that it was hard to line up the grain when I was cutting out the pieces so they might be off a little bit (potentially contributing to the bad fit). I try my hardest to get the fabric perfect when it’s a slippery one, but it usually gets to frustration point and I just cut into it.


This is one of those situations where I really should have known better and made a proper muslin. I’m not too upset because my low dress standards mean that I will probably wear this regardless (!) and it does feel lovely.


*Ada Spragg (Sophie) always hashtags that on her instagram pics and I love it..  sadly, I can never come up with anything witty for my pics.


7 thoughts on “Blue linen New Look 6123

  1. The dress looks amazing. So well finished. Gutted about the fit, I have this pattern and it bags on me too. And I love that you lippie matches you shoes

    • Oh, kind of reassuring to hear that other people have these problems too! So can’t be bothered going back to fix it – alterations are the worst!

    • I left it unlined this time. It feels like I always end up choosing the most complicated route if I attempt to add lining to a pattern that doesn’t have it! Love your blog btw – I just discovered it and I am liking your pattern choices 🙂

  2. Thanks! i didn’t line it this time because I wanted something breathable for summer. I hate figuring out linings because I seem to always do it the most complicated way possible. Patterns should come with both lined + unlined instructions!

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