Girls dresses

After my sister’s pretty dress (which I mailed to the wrong address- woops!), I have a couple more frocks but I’m afraid it is kid sewing.. sorry! Too cute not to share. Here are a two I made for gifts, starting off with my favourite: little blue anchors.

blue front

blue back

Isn’t it so sweet? The ruffle sleeves were not included in the pattern but I think they finish this dress perfectly. And the lace on the collar. Love it!

There is a bit of pulling in the back which is a pain. Next time I make this I won’t line the skirt, or will treat it as an underlining, which should make the process easier. It got a bit bulky – well not really, but for the size of the garment it was kind of hard to sew as precisely as it is on a bigger one. I think that a simple pattern like this is a great idea for a girls dress as it can be personalised into lots of different styles.


I choose to put a few strips of lace down the front and it ties in nicely with the lining. The fabric wrinkles easily though.. urgh hate that.

Here is another made from the same pattern. I made this first from some quilting cotton I already had. I didn’t really like it, so decided to add the large bow. I’m still a bit undecided on it.


(hmm the hanger is a little too big)


That’s better!

The bow is made from pink corduroy with interfacing. I hope it holds up! I am planning to send this to my cousin but wondering if I should put it through the wash a few times to check that it stays on.


I used leftover broderie anglaise from ages ago to line them both. The blue dress is fully lined, which you can see if you compare the skirts  – it’s much poofier. I had hoped to find a pattern that would use up scrap fabric. In reality it takes around a metre per dress + lining so uses up more than just scraps… oh well.




I found this cool you tube video yesterday. It’s from 2012 though, so you might have already seen it. Some of the designers from Liberty talking about the fabric they designed for the autumn/winter collection and their inspiration.


7 thoughts on “Girls dresses

  1. I used to love sewing up clothes for my son and daughter, long ago when they were small. I used to love that the outfits, like these, were smaller (tiny patterns and less yardage, quicker to sew up) but still had all the details as grownup clothes. Your dresses are beautiful! Thanks for the video. I hadn’t seen that before.

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