Two piece set-acular

Behold my two piece set-acular. I made the skirt first but had left over fabric so decided to make a top as well.


I actually shortened the skirt since those photos because it looked a bit long. Here is a photo of how I will most likely wear it (ie. not as a two piece set!).


I bought the fabric from The Fabric Store’s 40% sale a month or so back. Don’t tell my Mr but I went a crazy at the sale, going back twice and spending up large. What can I say.. 40% off is a lot and they have such great natural fibre fabrics there. I got a few linens, some silk and cottons amongst the haul. This is a cream cotton with nylon navy stripes and cost $20 NZ for 2m.


I don’t really like having a stash as it makes me feel pressured and also kind of wasteful. I know that sounds strange, but I feel like more of a conscientious consumer when I buy fabric for a purpose rather than have it sit in a pile. Also, when I have a fabric that I love, the longer it sits around the more nervous I get about using it. Anyway, I think I made pretty good choices this time around and hopefully my little stash will keep me going until the next sale.


I knew I wanted a pleated skirt but wasnt sure which pattern would give me the perfect pleats. In the end I used the skirt from an old dress pattern. I haven’t managed to get the pleats to press exactly as I want them, but I think this is just a problem with the fabric being too light. It kind of bugs me, but at the same time I love this fabric for a skirt so I can deal with it. I wonder if I should have gone for a dirdnl? I could probably unpick the waistband and gather it up easily enough. I put an exposed zipper in the back as a feature – I have been liking that look recently to toughen up feminine garments.


The top is actually also from a dress pattern (burda 7232). I haven’t made it before so thought I would give it a test run for fitting. If you look at the pattern you can see that the back has these button-up triangley bits. A bit over-designed for my liking, so I drafted in a back panel and inserted an open ended side zip. The zip bubbles the top out a little but it really doesn’t look too bad in real life. I have to confess that I didn’t use an invisible zip – a good quality nude, opened-ended one cost around $8 and I wasn’t really certain that I would be wearing this top much.


I haven’t been a fan of voluminous skirts for a couple of years now but I think the desire is returning. I am not so keen on a overly feminine look so it is about finding fabrics that give a classic look. If the pleats on this skirt were a bit more crisp I would consider it perfect. I like the top too, but it’s a matter of finding suitable bottoms, maybe a black maxi skirt or high waist shorts will be added to my to-sew list.



7 thoughts on “Two piece set-acular

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  2. I love what you’ve done with the direction of the stripes in your top! This set is really cute together, and I can both pieces being really versatile as separates with other garments. Very cute.

    • Some of the fabrics you just think ‘what am I ever going to do with this?’ Haha. I suppose it is just like those items of clothing that sit in our wardrobes and never get worn.

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