A rosy pencil skirt and cropped top

Hola. I have just finished re-watching season 6 of sex and the city and am obsessed with Carrie’s full-skirted outfits. I want midi circle skirts! I want heels! I want the Versace mille fueille dress! It’s a shame that 150cm wide fabric is not wide enough to made a basic midi circle skirt.. I will have to find another way.  In the mean time, I have a fitted skirt to show you.


Originally I intended to chop the By Hand Georgia pattern in two and make a little crop top and high waisted skirt. I tried and I tried, but I wasn’t able to fit the bust as well as I’d like so I binned it. That pattern is just too big! One day I will do some intense muslin-ing and get it right.

Anyway, I decided to finish the skirt. In hindsight I should have used a regular darted skirt pattern because the princess seam panels distort the print much more. Oh well. I tapered it in at the bottom and used a invisible zip in the side which, when I tried it on this morning, broke. Cheap invisible zips are the bane of my sewing life – my other Georgia dress has also split at the zip. No more cheapies for me! (seriously though, zips can be expensive!).


I also made the top I’m wearing, which looks ok in the photo above but really strange in the photo below. The ‘sleeves’ are a bit too big and I am still undecided on it. The concept was taken from a ready to wear top I tried on recently – black, cropped, strange rectangular cap sleeves and not fitted at the waist. It’s impossible for me to photograph black, so I won’t even bother with a close-up, but the fabric is a thick cotton with raised lines. I think it’s OK and will probably wear it a bit… maybe I will just avoid that pose!


After I made this top with drafted sleeves, I started a dress that actually has this kind of cap sleeve included in the pattern, so I can see how I should have done it. The skirt is sateen, and the waist is enclosed with a bias strip. Basically, I was too lazy to make a waistband! The skirt seems like a simple, simple garment but if you knew the problems I had fitting the attempted crop top and skirt you would understand why I couldn’t be bothered with a waistband!


I’ve lost my sew-jo recently because the 3 projects I’m working on are all fairly plain linen garments when I really want to be making Carrie Bradshaw dresses. I need a more fabulous life!


2 thoughts on “A rosy pencil skirt and cropped top

  1. Haha – thanks for the chuckle! Don’t we all want a Carrie Bradshaw life? But remember how many times her heart was broken to bits… I actually really like this outfit. When I scrolled by it on my blogfeed I stopped and said oooh! The top is edgy and looks very designer. And if you hadn’t said otherwise, I would’ve thought the band at the waist of the skirt was leather and a very on trend detail! I know what you mean about struggling with fit and details and getting frustrated. Sometimes (um, like today) I spend sooooo much time on something, lining it and fitting it and finishing every little thing only to discover a lump at the bottom of the zipper. Now what? Hey but it’s worth it, right? Because we know we’re creative and original and won’t see the same outfit on anyone anywhere we go. Hang in there! Now I’ve got to pick out a zipper.

    • Oh no! It’s so hard to convince yourself to remedy something like that. I always think.. ‘surely it’s not a big deal that there’s a lump at the bottom.. no one will notice. Maybe I can get away with it?’ But you always end up fixing those things because you know it will annoy you 🙂 I usually wait a day or two so the frustration can pass!

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