Little printed pants

I recently showed you the little dress I made for my new cousin Maisie, well here are the pants I made for baby Jéan. They are so basic I know.. sorry for being ‘that person‘ who keeps posting the baby clothes. There is some screen printing involved though so I thought it might be a little bit interesting.


The reason I first used this pattern is because Harry is like, the smallest kid ever. He’s still wearing 6-month-old clothes and he’s over 1. The problem we have is that all his pants (trousers) are too short but if I go up a size they are baggy round the waist. It’s probably not really fashionable (or maybe it is?) but I like skinny pants on him, rather than the cargo-style pants that are readily available, so I used the Go To Leggings which were free when I downloaded the pdf. To be honest the pattern was not perfect – the rise was a bit short but that might just be down to my kid. I also extended the leg length on some of them and tightened the elastic. Such a cool, easy present to make though. Kids clothes are great for using up scraps.I made two identical sets – one for Harry and one for Jéan.


I screenprinted the triangles onto the black ones. There is a little smudging I know.. 😦 I have a silk screen and used a stencil made from regular A3 paper that I printed the triangles on and cut out with a scalpel. Considering they are small and I used the basic paper-cut method, I am really happy with how precise they are. You can print at home people, without fancy equipment!


I hope to do some more home printing soon but have to think of some simple shapes that aren’t to tricky to cut. Once uni is done I will probably do another night class using the chemical/UV method as it allows for more precise graphics. Actually once uni is done I hope to do a million night classes… is anyone else like me and loves to do these things?

Here is a pic of Little H in his green pants playing a fun game of ‘climb into the stool’. This is one of the first pairs I made that is still a bit short.



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