Tartan mini


This is v.2 of the last skirt I showed you. I’m not sure why, but recently I had a major desire for a tartan skirt. I think the idea actually started out as tartan pants but luckily enough time passed for me to come to the realisation that I am not Gwen Stefani and probably shouldn’t attempt to be. I think the tartan skirt idea was marginally better, however I didn’t really execute it as planned. The main problem was that I didn’t have much fabric, and with tartan you really need enough to allow for pattern matching. Aiming to turn a negative into a positive I decided to attempt some of the panelling I’ve seen in ready-to-wear clothing.  I had some pleather scraps left over so used these for the top of the side-front panels as you can see below in those awkward looking photos. I was trying to lift the sweater up in a not obvious way – haha, it’s so obvious!



I still think the idea of it is cool, but probably not with pleather. It’s just so shiny that it looks really wrinkly. The panel is not sewn in that badly, but just looks bad because of the shine. It came out shorter than I meant it to as well. It kind of looks like I’m attempting the naughty schoolgirl look -oops. The tartan was way too thin on it’s own so I lined it with some red fabric I had lying around. Unfortunately it’s a bit bulky now and on top on that, the hem looks a bit blobby. On the positive side, I did a pretty good job pattern matching!




Ok, maybe not pattern ‘matching’ but pattern ‘harmony’?

I made the size 6 again but sewed the seams at 3/8″. It still feels tight though, which I put down to that extra layer of lining.


Gotta say I love Alfie in this pic and hope he makes up for my stupid pose!

So this isn’t my favourite make due to a bad choice of fabric weights. I’m still happy with it though because I think the panel shapes are quite unique. You’ll be glad to hear that I have made it to the end of my pleather stash!

These photos are taken at the dog park, thus the awful boots! They are cheapies that I use for gardening (and painting it would seem), but it’s so muddy at the dog park at the moment that it’s definitely a good move to wear them. Unfortunately, the dogs seem to LOVE the mud and all congregate in the biggest puddle they can find.



The dog park is like heaven to Alfie and so nice that we can let him off the leash and not have to worry that he’ll disappear into someone’s kitchen (which happened once at a park near our house). It’s so cute seeing all the different dogs too, and I’ll admit I occasionally think about getting another one! Not to mention the view is great there.

park1 park2


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