Little red dress

This winter has been special as we welcomed two new babies to our family. My little nephew (in law) Jéan was born in Paris and baby Maisie, who is something like a third cousin (I think??), was born in Selby, Yorkshire. Yay babies! We are planning a visit next year and I can’t wait to see everyone. I made them both a little felt cloud mobile which was really straightforward but looks cute – I think it will be my go-to baby present from now on.

I also made Maisie this little red dress, from Swhin and Swhin’s free tutorial. Hmm, now that I’ve checked the link again I see that it’s a tunic.. I had been thinking it was going to need a pair of leggings underneath and probably a long sleeve top too.


It’s made from some red corduroy and lined with a pink/white cotton that I bought ages ago to make pillowcases out of, then changed my mind. I veered from the instructions a little bit to enclose the raw edges in the lining, but you almost don’t need instructions for a project like this.




It looked a bit boring so added little pockets with bunny buttons, then used red buttons for the actual closure. I’ve lost my buttonhole foot so saved up four or five projects then went into Sew, Love, Tea, Do sewing lounge and hired a machine for a couple of hours. I’m not sure where to get a replacement foot because it’s not like a proper metal attachment, it’s just the plastic thing. I’ve had a little look around but might have to order something online. In the meantime… zips all the way! The buttonholes weren’t perfectly centred (obviously) but I think it looks passable!


The inside is so pretty!


I’m hoping that this is a useful little dress for Maisie – it might not be the most practical as it is a heavy-ish fabric with a summery design and is also pretty tiny!

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