New York, New York

Hola Amigos, it’s the freakin’ weekend hoorah!

Well this dress has got to be one of my best makes ever. It was so easy and there was NO unpicking. It was seriously satisfying to make something so stress-free, with good quality fabric and to think “I will wear this!” when I tried it on. I’ve had a few too many projects where the fabric just didn’t look right or the quality was below par and it’s a shame to put all that effort in and feel unimpressed with the finished garment.


I’ve been thinking about making a shift dress for ages but I knew that the shape wasn’t really my style. The awesome thing about such a basic dress is being able to use bold fabrics so I was hesitant to buy a pattern with darts in the front, but eventually came round to the idea that I needed that extra shaping. I used 6049 by New Look and I couldn’t be happier with it. The pattern says to use a zip in the back but I was able to get it over my head without, so I omitted it. In hindsight that may have been a bad idea as the fabric wrinkles easily, especially when being shoved over my head. The fabric is a linen I think, I can’t recall it being stated on the tag but it feels like one. It had a cityscape border printed on it which the shop assistant told me was New York. I’m not sure you can even tell what it is in these pictures but I think close up it looks like buildings. I really don’t think the darts have broken up the image too much either as they end above the buildings.


I faced the neckline and armholes although the pattern has instructions for a lining. Here are side and back views. Don’t you just hate doing back views?



Usually I would tend to belt a dress this loose because I prefer a more fitted look. Due to the print I’m not really sure this dress works with a belt and I don’t actually have many in my wardrobe so have only tried it out with this brown one. I’ll probably wear it like this, whether it looks right or not!


I really love the belted shape and I’m going to make 100 more of these with and without sleeves! So easy..


Sorry to do this but…. I made a gif! This is supposed to be me doing “New York, New York” but It doesn’t really look like I’m saying that. It looks like I’m saying ‘truck’



6 thoughts on “New York, New York

  1. Love everything about this – the fabric, the style, and especially your truck gif! I think the style of dress really works for you, with or without the belt. Gorgeous!

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