Pixie skirt


Well I’ve finally gotten around to taking some photos of my sewing. Life has been particularly busy lately – I’ve started another semester at uni and a new job. I’ve landed a few hours a week in a marketing role thanks to a scholarship I won (they also paid for a years uni fees – woop!). It’s great opportunity to dip my toes in the water, and the company is really understanding about my other commitments but gawdโ€ฆ it is hard to juggleย  all that on top of being a mum! Let’s just say that the house could be cleaner.


I have still been finding time to sew though, for sanity’s sake. I made this skirt a couple of months ago. Penny bought the fabric along to one of our sewing collective’s meet ups and I thought it was quite cute. It’s not something I would usually choose, but that’s sort of the fun of fabric swaps I think.


For some reason these flowers remind me of pixies.

I needed to test a pattern’s sizing for a different project, so decided to use the fabric as a wearable muslin. The pattern is from the mid 90s, and is pretty basic with three panels on the front, two on the back and a zip in the centre back seam. I used a size 6 which j-u-s-t fits. It’s just the top of the waistband where I can feel that it’s snug and I wouldn’t want to eat a big lunch in it!



Despite all the panels, I think I’ve lined up the print quite well. Admittedly this was an easy, and not that exciting, make.. but sometimes that is just what you need. And even though it’s a wearable muslin I actually prefer this to the ‘proper’ version that I’ll post here soon. I don’t think this is exactly my style, but it’s nice to have a different colour in my wardrobe.


Obviously I am pretending it’s not winter in these pictures!


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