Chit Chat

Guys, it is so cold here. Soooo cold. Maybe not by everyone’s standards, but I am all about snuggling under the duvet at the moment, which doesn’t fit in well with all the changes in position necessary when cutting, sewing, overlocking and ironing. I need one of those sleeping bag suits that has legs. (Hmmm.. maybe I could sew one?).

All of my sewing is sitting there not-quite-done or not-quite-photographed. I miss my blog though, so thought I would have a little sewing-related chit chat.

First up, The Auckland Sewists Collective met up a few weeks ago at Sew, Love, Tea, Do – a pop-up (but hopefully permanent) sewing space in the middle of the city. If you are a Auckland resident I urge you to pop in there and have a nosy around. Sarah’s philosophy is all about reusing second-hand materials and teaching people the basics of sewing/knitting and more. To be honest I am a bit useless at sourcing second hand fabric. I always have a look in op shops but never seem to find anything but old (discoloured) tablecloths. I am intending to return for a proper rummage through the fabric and wares for sale and maybe for a knitting class if I have time. Also, if you are a Auckland resident JOIN OUR COLLECTIVE!!

The same weekend I had a friend visiting from Wellington with her 3 year old twin girls. She said that she had taken them out to the shops and seen some really cute fairy tutus but they were around $70 each. It can’t be easy having twins and having to buy two of everything! Of course I decided I had to make some. (I seriously need to have a sister for Harry I think… there’s just so many more clothing options for girls). The first one was a blatant (but uglier) copycat from Grosgrain. Hers was just too beautiful I had to give the petals a try.


Neither of these are particularly straight at the bottom – I was nervous they were getting too short so I thought that they could be trimmed after they’d been tried on.

I used this no sew method for the tulle, which was great, but there was a lot of bulk to navigate when attaching the waistband so it doesn’t look perfect. Close enough though, and really.. kids aren’t fussy. 


For the second version I attached fake flowers and am crossing my fingers they didn’t fall off in the mail! I think these look pretty cute and it felt great to be able to sew someone a gift that I know they want.

My current pattern want of the moment is very unseasonal – for some reason I am really drawn to this Cynthia Rowley/Simplicity pattern.

Simplicity 1371

I don’t think I would ever wear the top and bottom together but I am a fan of skinny pants and these look about as skinny as you can get! I love the crossover detail of the top and am having a secret-romance with crop tops at the moment although it is wayyy too cold to be realising that dream (and honestly, it’s not really day-to-day pratical is it now?). That ruffle is quite ruffley though isn’t it? Who cares, I still want it! I tried to track it down but I haven’t been able to find a copy in NZ yet.. booooo. Am crossing my fingers that one of the overseas websites has a sale soon to ease the pain of shipping costs slightly! What is everyone else sewing and are there any patterns you are dreaming of? And does anyone else feel compelled to sew unusual garments just because?

And on the subject of wants, I am really not sure that Colette’s Laurel (or similar) is the right shape for me, but I just love this Karen Walker dress and am tempted to try to recreate it.


This would truly look so different on me than it does on her… damn models!

Hmm.. I am definitely a summer person. Please send sunny wishes my way!

Anyway.. enough greedy nattering from me. I feel like the blogosphere has been a bit quiet lately. What is everyone doing that is so much more fun that sewing/blogging? Guys… ?


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