A swimsuit and some knickers

For those of you who follow The Monthly Stitch, you have probably already seen the swimsuit I submitted for the franken-indie competition. It’s a hybrid of By Hand London’s Georgia and Ohhh Lulu’s Grace knickers and you can read more about it here. Voting is now also underway now so if you are interested in casting a vote for the comp you can see the other franken-patterns and vote here.


Considering it was my first time experimenting with swimwear/lycra/attaching a dress to knickers (!) this I am pretty happy with how it went although it was not a perfect fit in terms of torso length and to be honest I really prefer two piece bathing suits!

I am actually in the process of making ANOTHER Georgia but I spilt red wine all over it (and the couch) this evening so it has been halted for a little while! I was toasting my last exam today so I’m hoping to get a few projects completed over the next three weeks – I have a lot of unfinished projects at the moment, which is actually my preferred method of working – lots on the go!

This is another not-really-great photo but I thought I would just give a brief review of the Ohhh Lulu knickers.

knickers 1


I got the pattern four or five weeks ago and immediately made up several pairs. Some of the fabrics I used weren’t great though, so a few pairs became muslins! This is one of the good pairs, as I followed the instructions and used woven fabric for the front and back panels. During construction I was not really loving the feeling of it – but it all came together in the end and they feel ok on. The pairs where I disobeyed the instructions and used stretch fabric for all panels were the ones I had trouble with…. unsurprisingly. I know, I know.. the pattern maker knows best. I’m sure they could be made completely in stretch but mine were just too stretchy.


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