The no-knit jersey

I read a silly article on facebook this week about words that have a different meaning in Yorkshire. When I lived there I loved it how strangers (usually shopkeepers) would say ‘hiya love’ or ‘hiya duck’. I thought it was just the sweetest thing. So that is how I will start today.. Hiya ducks! (in my best yorkshire accent)


I have just a quick post today as the top I’ve made isn’t much really, but the fabric that it’s made from has been giving me the evil eye from my stash pile for way too long so I’m very pleased to have finally used it. It is a white knit with big holes in it and I really have no idea what I intended it to be when I made the purchase. Because I’m super picky, the shade of white is just a bit too white. Anyway, recently I crossed to the dark side and bought my first pair of leggings. I have been trying to avoid wearing a ‘mum’ uniform of leggings and hoodie… but now that a decent portion of my week involves a daily routine of cleaning the house/grocery shopping/walking the dog I just can’t be bothered to wear anything that’s even slightly uncomfortable. (The slippery slope to socks/crocs and tracksuits starts here)


Now that leggings have entered my life I need some tops that are long enough to cover that weird pelvis/crotch/bum area that just doesn’t look good in anything that tight. I thought I would use the same pattern I used for my striped tops but go for more of a sweater look by adding cuffs around the sleeves and waist. I also lengthened it heaps to a ‘tunic’ length but I think it might be tucked under here. These photos are pretty terrible I know, because not only am I squinting like a crazy woman, but I’m also obstructing anything that could count as a feature of this top. Oops. I’m sure I’m not the only person who considers photo-taking the worst part of blogging my creations.


I love the fact that a simple pattern like this can be made in many ways by using a different fabric or adding simple modifications. Value for money! I am even thinking about making up a version with it lengthened into a dress, although I’m not sure if I am a knit dress kind of person. Though never say never right? As leggings have proven. Anyway, I apologise for the bad pics.. but at least I get to feel all pleased with myself for using the one fabric in my stash that I never thought I would.

Hope you are all having a great weekend and enjoying the football if that’s your thing. It starts at 4am here, but Kelvin still manages to spend a decent chunk of the daytime watching. We are even taking our sky box away with us for a short break (rolls eyes). Maybe I will take my sewing machine too…


2 thoughts on “The no-knit jersey

  1. Oh, you are so right on the weird crotch/ bum area and leggings… and in fact I think your no-knit jersey actually looks fabulous, so keep on wearing them leggings!

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