A ‘short’ break from study


I hope you appreciate my hilarious blog title, as you can see I am pretty pleased with myself.

Hola! I am having an exciting day in bed writing a literature review on the not-for-profit sector, in particular prison literacy programmes. Almost finished now, but I am really at the point where I need a break so I hope blogging is just the tonic. These photos were taken way back at Easter and I’m certainly not wearing shorts at the moment (actually it’s 2pm and I’m still in my PJs – oops). Anyway I thought I would post them up here as the first time I made this pattern it turned out too small and was just a bit disappointing! The pattern is Burda 7550 and I went up a size this time round. The fabric is a printed sateen and if you are interested in seeing what it looks like as a skirt, take a look at Elizabeth’s. I actually only used about half a metre because it’s such a basic pattern, so perhaps I will make a mini with the remaining fabric. 


I think the fabric works pretty well with the pattern, it doesn’t have pockets or many details so the print livens things up. Construction went well – the sateen is a lot nicer than the last fabric I used. Don’t you love using a pattern a second time, so much quicker!

OK I really wasn’t sure if I should post this photo because the shorts look like they go up my bum a bit. But in the interests of full disclosure.. here you go.


It’s not really that bad, promise.. just shadows!

To be honest they kind of do go up my bum a bit. I don’t think I will make this pattern again unless I can figure out how to fix that. Do I just draft the crotch in a bigger size or something? After wearing them for half an hour or so the fabric stretches/relaxes so that it doesn’t look obviously tight, but it’s a bit of a risk looking like my butt’s hungry so maybe these will be at-home-only shorts.


Anyway.. moving along from that, Indie Pattern Month is coming up on The Monthly Stitch and I am not sure what to make. I just bought a pattern for knickers from Ohhh Lu Lu but I feel like that might not be quite enough. Any recommendations of patterns, or any ideas of indie patterns you want to sew? I am thinking about Papercuts leggings or maybe Sewaholics Belcarra. There are so many awesome dresses but I am not really on a dress kick at the moment so need to find something else that suits. OK well I suppose I should get back to my study. Hope you are having a great week!


One thought on “A ‘short’ break from study

  1. Great shorts! Love the print you used 🙂 If you scoop out the back and lengthen the back crotch slightly it should fix the tightness- I have to do that with alot of my pants. I’m excited for next months TMS challenge too! I just bought a dress pattern from Schnittchen(german) and Deer & Doe and Republique Du Chiffon are on my list to try as well- if I have time!

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