Summer Stripes

Happy almost-friday! Kelvin is taking tomorrow off work as they get an extra day off on their birthday (his is Sunday) so it’s a long weekend at my crib. Woop! I have been partaking in a rare bout of selfless sewing to make him a not-so-top-secret present – “Ok, try this on but don’t look”. Hopefully I will get it finished soon so I can show it off/ask for your help!

Here is another creation made from one of mums pattern-presents, New look 6781.


I used a blue and white striped cotton which I flipped horizontally for the ‘feature panel’, some yellow piping and white cotton for the other accents.


Not 100% sold on my colour combination, but I am really happy with this top although it does look sort of like a pregnancy top, and would actually be great for any preggy women out there. There seems to be a bit of pulling from the top of the shoulder – it’s not uncomfortable at all just looks a bit wrinkly. I also think I need to put a button where the piping meets in the center as it’s gaping slightyly- I’m not sure I followed the instructions when it came to button placement. Maybe a little plastic snap will do for now.


This was pretty easy apart from the tricky corner at the bottom of the feature panel. My solution was to baste, baste, baste but it’s still not perfect.


I’m wondering how this will look in different fabrics? There are also other sleeve options but I quite like these little ruffles.


Realistically, it is a bit too cold to be wearing this so I will have to tuck it away for a few months. I think I need to make some track pants next!


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