New look 6107


This pattern was a birthday present from my mum, thanks mum! (new look 6107). It’s quite a feminine blouse but I wanted to see if I could make it a little more ‘me’ by using black fabric. I also had some pleather that I thought would be interesting to use for the yoke (just going to call it leather OK, because pleather sounds weird) . The main fabric is faille. I’ve used it before but that top didn’t work out (too tight), so this is my first successful time using it. It’s really nice to sew with and has a nice smooth drape.


Tricky to iron the leather/faille seam, for obvious reasons

The leather is fine to sew through, but I stupidly decided to topstitch it without testing a scrap first and it didn’t go so well. The front has a little placket type thing on it – or so I thought – it’s actually more like a modesty panel to stop peeks of chest showing through. Initially I attached the buttons to it and thought the shirt looked just so ugly – with a big gap below the buttons.


Thankfully I realised my mistake and reattached them correctly and am much happier with the result! Truthfully though I’m not that happy with the result. I think it’s sweet but perhaps a bit too sweet. I don’t mind it with this skirt but I didn’t really like it with trousers or any of my other skirts. I think that as I’m not working at the moment I am a little ‘anti’ work type clothing. And maybe the black on black is just a bit boring? I wonder how I could customise this pattern to suit me, as I do like the neckline. Maybe if I omit the buttons (it can just pull over my head) or put a zip down the front? Having said all that negative stuff, I like this a lot more that some of the other pieces I’ve made and do consider it a win for wardrobe suitability.


So hard to photograph black garments!

I bought two sets of buttons as I was feeling particularly picky about what would suit, and settled on some black plastic hexagons. You can just about see them in this picture!


So, a pretty good result. I think I’ll make this pattern again, it’s just a matter of finding some fabrics that work well with it.

Apart from sewing, we have been celebrating Harry’s first birthday today – woo hoo! We had a few friends round and cooked lots of food and even went on a stealth flower-stealing mission around the neighbourhood last night for decorations (a fairly innocent mission though – don’t judge!). I forgot to take many pictures of the party and by the time I did Harry was a bit grumpy – but here is one of him with his hand in the cake.. thanks dude!


Isn’t he so hipster in his chambray shirt and 3/4 pants?


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