Liebster Award


A big thank you to Rachel who has nominated/given (?) me a Liebster Award. And an extra thank you because she was one of the first people to comment on my blog and it was so nice to get that encouragement from across the world! I’m sure you all read her blog anyway, but if not pop over and have a nosey.

As Rachel said the Leibster is the chain mail of awards, but I love getting mail and I used to think chain letters were so cool when I was little – but my mum didn’t really let me send them. Not sure why, maybe she didn’t want me giving my address out to random people or something? I can remember receiving one that had 50c and a little sachet of talcum powder in it – awesome!

I think choosing 10 blogs to nominate is the hardest bit, because I’m sure most of the blogs I read have already participated or have a lot of readers. So I am just going off my bloglvin feed and suggesting 5, who are more than welcome to ignore my questions if they choose!

So I have nominated:

to answer:

1. what is your favorite garment you have made?
2. where would you go on your dream holiday?
3. is there anything you are scared of?
4. who is your favorite member of the royal family?
5. is there a garment that you would love to make if you had the ability?
6. how many items are in your Unfinished Objects pile?
7. do you listen to music/the radio/watch TV while you sew?
8. are you a foodie person/ do you have a signature dish?
9. if you could choose a musician to play at your party who would it be?
10. are you a morning person or night person?
11. what was your first job?

and give 11 random facts about themselves.

Here are my answers to Rachel’s questions:

1.Where is your favourite place?
This is tough. (Although I have to say that lazying in bed in the morning with Kelvin and Harry is a pretty good place!). Wellington, NZ tugs at my heart like no other city. I had the best time living there and fall in love again every time I return.

2. If you could have a personal chef or a personal stylist (who could also help out in the sewing room), which would you chose?
Definitely a personal stylist. I mean it’s so easy to go out for dinner at a nice restaurant but how many of us have ever had the advice of a stylist? And I am one of these people who never feels like I’m put together well. And one that could help out with sewing? Sign me up!

3. What is the most inappropriate/ridiculous outfit you have ever worn?
I guess probably dress up costumes, or harking back to my high school days of white trousers/fluorescent pink halter neck/glittery trousers for farm parties. Oh I cringe.

4. What is your favourite movie genre?
Probably ‘hugh grant’. Is that a genre? Haha.

5. What is the most you have ever spent on a single piece of fabric (and have you used it yet?)
Oh man, I am boring, I probably haven’t spent over NZ$20 p/m on fabric. I am always on a budget. Recently I’ve been going into Centrepoint and looking at all their beautiful embellished $80+/m fabrics and dreaming. Maybe I can make a top or something with a small amount of meterage?

6. Who is your favourite Doctor Who?
I have never watched it! I have only seen the actors on Graeme Norton (which is one of my favorite shows).

7. Is there anything you would love to make, but just can’t pluck up the courage?
I have a pattern for ‘perfect fit jeans’ that I can’t bring myself to make. (Actually, trousers in general!)

8. Dogs or cats?
Wow I could go on for a long time about this. Anyone who has read my blog for a few months will know that we got a cute little puppy last november. Well, he has been a really tough addition to the family. A professional described him as ‘borderline A.D.D’ – he just has no attention span, doesn’t listen to us at all, bites, jumps, and barks (a lot). We have had complaints from neighbors and it made me feel so upset because I hate it too! We considered selling him but decided to throw money at the situation and we now have a trainer working with us, although we haven’t seen a lot of improvement yet. I just need the barking to stop. My cat on the other hand is super chilled. A tough decision for me because I do like other people’s dogs…

9. Which parent or family member are you most like?
Ha, none of them. Maybe my dad in that I’m bad at keeping in contact.

10. How many hats do you own?
About three but they’re all terrible gardening (not public) hats. I just don’t think I suit them and they give me headaches but I really should wear them more often because I get hyperpigmentation on my face in the summer due to the sun.

11. If the world as we know it were to end, do you feel more prepared for a) a zombie apocalypse, b) the Rise of the Machines (bow down to your robot masters!)?
Ha ha, what a great question. I think zombies would be terrifying so I will happily submit to the robots to avoid them. To be honest I am a slave to the internet so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s already happening.

11 random facts about me:

1. I was sporty in a past life as you can see from the first three facts –  I trained as a Personal trainer and worked as one for about a year (i loved it, but the uncertainty of having/finding/retaining clients was a bit scary).

2. Kelvin and I met in boxing class and our second ‘date’ was a 1.5km ocean swim (I beat him!).

3. I have placed top ten women in a few running events in the past (wellington round the bays and 1/2 marathon, pudsey 10km, lower hut 1/2 marathon.. ) but I can’t run to save myself at the moment!

4. I taught llama care at summer camp USA but really didn’t like the llamas. They also made me teach tennis which I don’t like.

5. I have slept in Brisbane, Chicago and Milan airports overnight. Ahh – the backpacking days.

6. Speaking of traveling, I remember catching a bus from Seville, Spain to Faro, Portugal and begin so happy that it was playing ‘Dr Dolittle 2’ on the little TV, because finally, there was something I could understand. Leaving NZ for the first time was definitely a bit of a culture shock for me!

7. I can’t stand a lot of the music on commercial radio, but my guilty pleasures for singing in the car are One Direction and Taylor Swift. I also listened to Lorde’s album about three times a day for two weeks when it came out. I will never claim to have cool music tastes!

8. Another guilty pleasure is watching make up videos on YouTube (particularly Lauren Curtis). I don’t even know why I like them since I wear the same make up all the time and really don’t suit anything too colorful myself. 

9. I am a huge fan of “Afternoons with Jim Mora” on National Radio. I have listened to/podcasted almost every episode of the panel for the last three years. Sadly, Jim is moving to a later slot and I am not quite sure how I am going to cope! (Also he lives in the next suburb over from me so I am always hoping I might spot him in the supermarket or something – yip I’m creepy)

10. Kelvin wants five kids but I want to be able to fit my family in a car, so I’m thinking three max. Who knows how many we’ll end up with.

11. We viewed our house for the first time at open home and bought it at auction 30 minutes later – no builders report or anything. We actually thought it was out of our price range and only attended the auction to see how much it went for. Kelvin was freaking out when he realized he’d won, but we are so happy here now.

Thanks so much if you have made it to the end. I hope I haven’t waffled on too much. Some sewing posts to come – I promise!


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