A couple of basics


Hola amigos. Well I am supposed to be working on an assignment tonight, so you know what that means… blog update! Another not-very-complicated make from me – but – I have not had a lot of experience with knits so this is a stepping stone in increasing my sewing repertoire. The pattern is New Look 6150 which was part of my birthday gift from ‘Harry’. Thanks buddy! The fabric is ponte, which I haven’t used before and is a dream to sew with. Lovely to the touch and very stable.

First up I used a black/white striped ponte. I actually added length to the pattern as I was considering make a dress and I put it all together with zig zag stitch and raw hems. The fabric doesn’t fray at all so I decided not to bother overlocking incase I needed to make adjustments once it was constructed. When I tried it on I thought it fit pretty well, but the sleeves weren’t tight enough for my liking so I took them in a cm or so.


I decided not to go with the dress but couldn’t decided whether to go for the regular length or channel my inner Beyonce and crop it. Eventually I took the plunge and hacked it down. It’s not as short as Beyonce’s but obviously she is fabulous and I think the length I went with is more appropriate for strutting the streets of Auckland. Really, it doesn’t show that much tummy. When it came to hemming with a twin needle, I realised I’d lost the additional spool holder for my machine (well, more likely I thought ‘wtf is this?‘and threw it away at some point) but google and makeit-loveit.com saved the day and I came up with a solution.


Here is a back view.. sorry about my hair covering most of it. I am willing to admit that although I did my best to match the stripes,  they’re not quite right. Oh well, perhaps it will look more store bought that way?


Obviously, post hacking, I had a bunch of fabric leftover so I decided to attempt a breton top with the same pattern. I was imaging it would turn out  a bit ‘home made’ looking as the stripes are a bit thinner than I like, but I am so happy with the result.


I finished all the hems on this version with the overlocker but I shaved a bit too much of the sleeves and they are a tad tight. I think they would be fine for a thinner fabric but the ponte is so snug. It also looks a little tight across the bust – it doesn’t feel it, but there’s that under arm creasing that shouldn’t really be there. 


..and some pooling in the back, however I think this picture looks worse that real life. Seriously camera, what are you playing at? It really feels as though there is just the right amount of ease to feel comfortable. 

Anyway, super basic I know but some good wearable pieces to add to my wardrobe (OK truly I’m not sure how game I am for midriff baring, but we’ll see…)


3 thoughts on “A couple of basics

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