An evening stroll around the waterfront (in an unhemmed skirt)

This garment is barely worth mentioning as it is so basic, but it’s my blog so I can do what I want! I bought this white, fairly heavy fabric a wee while ago thinking I might make a little jacket or something. The more I pondered on it the more I thought that it might look a bit much like a lab coat so it sat around for awhile. Although circle skirts are quite popular at the moment I didn’t think they were really my style. (Well my style at the moment. I have worn them in the past but have been trying to develop a more mature, simplified style recently… but perhaps I will always be a girly girl?). I tried on a black circle skirt in a shop last weekend and surprisingly I  loved it so thought I should give it a try. I was hoping the weight of the white fabric would give the skirt a bit of body.


I know it is terrible to post unfinished photos, and in fact the skirt has now been hemmed, but in the photos it has just been overlocked – which you can definitely tell! I wasn’t sure if I liked the skirt or not so I thought I would wear it out for a walk and see how I felt before I began the arduous task of hemming. I could take some more photos but this is a really busy week for me so it’s not going to happen! (3 assignments due and an in-tutorial test plus family visiting this weekend and my birthday). Plus I figure that by posting these photos I am doing my bit for Auckland Tourism.

I took little H and Alfie to meet Kelvin after work on friday and we went for a little walk along the waterfront of Wynyard Quarter to Silo Park where we let them have a little swim.



A close up of the textured fabric. The other side of the fabric is brown (??)

I used the app on the By Hand London website to determine the inner radius, but it came out way too big. I am honestly the worst pattern drafter/alterer whatever you’d call it! So with trimming etc it’s not exactly a ‘circle’ skirt and occasionally gets funny bulges which might be because of the adjusted shape or might be because of the fabric – I don’t care it’s not that bad.

My verdict on sewing circle skirts =  so easy to make, there will definitely make a couple more on the horizon.


Right, off to reference my sources. Fun!



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