The Inky Dress


Thank you every one who voted in my Miss Bossy poll and extra thanks for choosing the dress you did! I already had the fabric for it and the pattern pieces cut out, unlike the runner up.  As you can see above Simplicity 2406 was the crowd favourite and I went for view D, the short, sleeveless option. I also used a similar fabric to the one on the envelope… are you ever obliviously influenced by the cover image? My fabric however, is a polyester-something and it wrinkles like crazy. I didn’t realise that until I tried to iron it and had to keep upping the thermostat. Even then it wrinkled again quite quickly. Oh well, I can always call this a toile if I never wear it.



This dress is really simple to make! There is a fair bit of hand sewing involved to conceal all the facings, which does take time, but the pattern itself is so straight forward. The ‘waistband’ is actually a separate piece and the dress is kind of sack shaped. The tie pulls it all together nicely though and I love that it’s long and chunky.


Although racer/halter necklines are nightmare when it comes to bra straps, they are one of my favourite styles. I’m planning on making a top (or two) from this pattern, although I’m not sure if the tie will work with a top. Perhaps I can make a two piece tie and attach it into the side seams or something?


The back is pretty cool but creates a bit of a problem when it comes to wearing a bra. I’ve gone without for the photos but am not so keen on doing so outside of the confines of my (shabby looking) yard. The pattern gives the option of inserting a zip and I think I will do that next time around. This version closes with a hook and eye at the top. (I think (hope) my hands in the pockets are pulling it a bit tight in this photo).


Hmm, well not much to say about this dress really. It was a satisfying make after a few failed projects and I’m happy with the final outcome. I’m sure I will use the pattern again, I’m not really keen on the cutout sleeve options but I think the long ones might be OK.


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