The Evil Eye Dress


Hi there! It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post but various life things (wisdom teeth op, uni, family holiday) combined with some disappointing sewing efforts, kept me away. You might remember that last month I said I had almost finished a shirtdress.. well Ta Da, here it is. 

I’m not sure if Sew Dixie Lou’s version inspired me to buy the pattern (McCalls 6696) or if I found hers afterwards, but I really wanted to make the full skirted version. I bought 2 metres of printed cotton from spotlight and just managed to squeeze all the pieces on, although it took a bit of maneuvering. I made the bodice up and attached the skirt, hand stitching the waistband facing into place. Obviously I was devastated when I tried it on and realised that the full skirt just didn’t work with the fabric (all that handstitching and I have to unpick it?!). Although it’s a fairly thin cotton, it is quite stiff and the skirt just didn’t sit well. Even Kelvin said it looked strange, so it must have looked really strange.

I was feeling pretty over it by that point so I decided to put the project aside for a few days and come back to it with renewed enthusiasm. Fast forward one month later and I finally got down to business. This was a straightforward project (apart from the skirt change) and I was lucky that the pattern fit me without any alterations. The pattern actually comes in different cup sizes if you are interested in making it.


I used pale blue buttons that match the print, but didn’t quite have enough to go all the way down. It doesn’t flap open or anything though, so I’m just leaving it that way!

Because I had limited fabric I didn’t bother pattern matching. To be honest I probably wouldn’t have anyway as I read somewhere that you don’t need to worry so much with small patterns and I had in my mind that this would be fine. Realistically it could look better, but I think it would be hard to do a good matching job with this print due to the placket, the waistband, the collar and stand (oh and my patience)


It has pockets and the full skirted version has in-seam pockets. Hoorah! I almost had to sacrifice these due to yardage though.



Avert your eyes from my terrible bum seam pattern matching and instead admire my contrast-grain yoke. I did flip-it-&-reverse-it on purpose but as it’s the only piece like that, perhaps it looks like a mistake.


A true to colour close-up of the print and a buttonhole. Buttonholing on my machine is an arduous process so I am proud of even those that only kind-of work.

I put effort into making this well but I have to admit I don’t really like it much now it’s finished. I feel as though I always say that, but I think that’s kind of normal after using a pattern for the first time. Hopefully after making something I have a better idea of whether the style suits me and what fabric to use next time etc. I think it’s just a bit kitschy for my taste (maybe that’s not the right word)….. or maybe just not black enough, haha. I have really gone off prints lately (although I do love them on other people) but I get lured into buying them. One of the reasons to sew is all the great fabric, but I need to be more realistic about what I will wear. I have been wondering if the full skirted version would look cool in a black chiffon so I might try that at some point. I think either a floatier or thicker fabric is the way to go for this pattern.


Verdict: Mum says “Hmmmm.” Harry say “YEAHHHH”

Because I have decided to jump on the ‘naming garments’ bandwagon I have christened this the Evil Eye Dress rather than ‘red shirtdress’. The print on it reminds me a little bit of that symbol that wards off the evil eye (hopefully someone knows what I’m talking about). 

Apologies for the huge photos guy. I’ve just realised that they are bigger than normal! 




One thought on “The Evil Eye Dress

  1. Very cute! Glad you had enough for pockets, nothing worse than no pockets! Well, maybe a FEW things. 🙂 I like the slim skirt version and I think with patterns like this, it is not too necessary to pattern match, since it is such a small non directional repeating print.

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