Miss Bossy – The Monthly Stitch

Hiya, I haven’t been doing a lot of sewing lately and what I have done sadly hasn’t gone so well. I’ve almost finished a shirtdress but now that it’s 3/4 made I really don’t like the fabric choice, so I’m finding hard to get that last little bit finished. I also began another dress but the fabric frayed like mad and I had to abort mission upon realising some seams needing letting out (causing mass disintegration). Thirdly I started a top – ie. The top I need in my wardrobe, a simple woven black long sleeve top that will be so useful – but am having fitting issues through the bicep. What can I say, I lift heavy.


Ok not true. I am working on a solution for the sleeves though as I was banking on this being a tried and true pattern.
(Ermm don’t even ask what happened to my smarty pants attempt. Just not happening).

Anyway – onto more exciting things. For the March Challenge at The Monthly Stitch you get to vote on which pattern from my stash I will make next. To be honest I am not really wearing many dresses at the moment (stay at home mum admission) but the bulk of my pattern collection is made up of them so here are three for you to choose from.

Simplicity 2406. Top left image, option D – short, sleeveless.

Rebecca Taylor for Vogue 1152

Does this look a bit baggy on the chest??

Butterick 5952

I have fabric for two of the dresses and am really hoping that you don’t choose the third, but I won’t tell you which it is… to be fair.

Please cast your vote and if you’ve made any of these patterns leave me a quick note or post to your blogpost so I can see how they went.

I have to say I’m already loving this challenge – so fun peeking into other peoples stashes and helping them to choose what to make. I love seeing the poll results too and can’t wait to see all the finished garments. Yippee!


5 thoughts on “Miss Bossy – The Monthly Stitch

  1. I had an issue with my attempt at the Little White Dress..wrong fabric just not working, and still have my pants to do too, so feel better. I picked the Rebecca Taylor Vogue because it sounds like you are a busy mom and this would fit into an everyday spring/summery dress that you could wear at home.

  2. Even if you don’t like the fabric on that skirt, just finish it. If you don’t like it you can donate it and no one will be the wiser. (That’s from someone who has WAY too many UFO’s taking up space!)
    Great patterns. I chose the Vogue, but was also leaning towards the Butterick. Yes, that Butterick does look baggy in the chest…have you noticed how many of their catalog models are not made to fit the people wearing them??!! I’m a little shocked. I’ve seen better looking makes by bloggers. There was one Vogue pattern I thought was just really awful. Then a blogger made it to fit and it was so very cute. Crazy!
    Have fun with your March Sew.

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